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  1. I had some thinking about which I should do. And I had a big change of plans. Well all three of those tracks would sound great, I've had a small thought about which fits the best in more dancy styles, which is probably "Serpent Trench" because of the more obvious chordings. "Blackjack" is a little more challenging but also seems like a feasible track, I wanted to remix even without the project, so I might do it later on. And "Grand Finale?" is frightening to consider putting as a 4x4 dance track, it's very complicated and seems to be very hard to mix right, seems like impossible to put through a decent mix on that one without crushing the BPM device on my daw and it directly provokes my skills so... I made my choice, "Grand Finale?" it is you can put me down for it. In case anyone wants to collaborate on the other 2 tracks, I'd be willing to help but I'll stay with this one. Makes things more clear thank you Update: the mix I've done the main rhythm, I'll have to continue after the 3rd of march though, no computer till then
  2. I would like to join if it's possible, I would like to make a dance/electronic version for either "Blackjack" or "Serpent Trench" theme I can claim a track for 2 weeks if I do a wip? You can expect me to get something here in 5 days, either of those, one only probably : ) In case I do something else to fill in later on, the track I'd also fill in for would be "Grand Finale?" and I'd love to make it a collaboration, with anyone who wants to make it electronic/upbeat, or anything cool sounding, I mean the original rocks
  3. Those are decent headphones, make sure to differentiate though, that for sound in general there are room properties. Headphones will generally not cover much on that aspect. You can still pull out a good mix if you know how to work, or if the headphones are specifically made to sound in one way that might sound well in given conditions (clubs or such) (out of topic, but interesting to know: ) That's why most mastering studios use very expensive Very Wide Field Loudspeakers. These are not the typical near fields studio monitors that they sell for normal prices, and these are pricey in general. To get the most out of the quality of your production. ( I guess you need your headphones for production, correct? ) You need to use your tools in a way you'll learn by yourself. For instance these headphones might help you judge the frequencies around the bass tones better than studio monitors, but they will not give you the final sounding image. They will help you on the mix but you will have to vary the sound output sources, to get good idea of the sound. Sometimes it will sound worse on 1 system, better on another, so you have to decide on which that is. Until you find a way to balance all those parameters, and make the mix commercial sounding masteringwise.
  4. Start of it sounds like it's a movie with the wind sound effect I'm thinking it's some first sequence after a dark screen fading in on the Himalayas and that Lara Croft is there in some mass action. Nice Work!
  5. I think any decent studio monitors or headphones will work for an amateur studio. In my case I have a pair of Behringer Truths and AKG K141 MKII studio headphones. If I had make an economic pick I would probably look for KRK studio monitors of the same size supposedly A5 or A6 size and AKG K701 studio headphones. I think that for mixing/ mastering and referencing. Any gear can do provided you have more than 1 source. The audio will give you a good aspect on one monitor but will sound bad on another. The real deal is knowing how to work with frequencies/harmonics, etc... to get a good sound. So probably I'd say for those looking for good solution for studio is to have both studio headphones (mine I use for mixing low frequencies and high frequencies) and use studio monitors for mids and balance. Though you might want to check overall audibility on studio headphones after that. It's also not a bad idea to check how the audio sounds with smaller mp3 player headphones or in a car to get the most polished impression, however keeping balance between all the versions is what will be decisive for the audio in the end. So good luck for those of you looking for gear, there is a lot to choose from!!!!
  6. This project looks awesome. Nobody claimed Gerudo Valley? I claim Gerudo Valley. If somebody picked Gerudo Valley by the time I wrote this, I'd like to pick Last Battle. My sound is electronic with trancy/progressive/dancy genre.
  7. Yea, I was also afraid that the sweep arpeggio had too much space in the mix. On my latest update i diminished the resonance knob by 1 good 12-20% on the upper sweeps so it should be calmer, but I'll also lower it at parts for 1-2db just in case. For the drums, I'll add variation, even to the intro. Not sure what you meant by mixing them more, you mean make them stand out more or have them more variation? Like having them be more prominent versus the bass? I'm also considering re-harmonizing the bass to have it sit better. Good point for the lead, that I actually added 1.5 db to it right after exporting this video even, I think its better. I said a week, but now that I look at it, It might be better that I refine the balance in this, before I continue the whole piece. Thanks for feedback, be waiting for more
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqdL9N05QC4 It's a kind of.. progressive dance mix id'say, its still on verse 2 before the first chorus intro. Structurally I already have an idea how I will make this tune. So I will define that as I continue part by part, since I go from left to right when I work in Ableton Live. Do you peeps like it? Should I master something better, give accent more on something in the mixdow? EQ something? I would really like feedback on this before I start working on it again. THX
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. I am an amateur audiophile. I produce some music in genres like Drums n Bass, Trance and some strange style hybrids. Now I know I picked a pretty long username. ( and u'll have to bear with that ) But you can just call me Marko if you prefer. I joined this site because it looks like a lot of fun that you folks all do remixes for videogame music. : D I always wanted to do some Zelda, FF, Street/ Virtual Fighter.. etc. . remixes. I play RPG games mostly so I want to try remixing themes from games like Suikoden, Xenogears, Tales of, Mana. . Here is something I started as a very early WIP with a few hours work on it. So I still have to choose right instruments, make decision about how to work this theme, figure out whats wrong with it, then all the mixing. ( I'm still learning how to do all of this, and I keep improving thanks to feedback ) http://soundcloud.com/speed-and-honor/tonal-crime I also have a youtube channel where I post most of my videos, they are experimental: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkoRuzinOfficial Now I checked the newbie guidelines, and they were quite helpful. xD So I thought I would just post here as a start.
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