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  1. Forgot that this was Valentine's Day weekend. Doesn't look like I can meet the deadline this time, but I hope to do a track for the next time. (Assuming there is a next time.)
  2. Somehow didn't see this before today. I'll see if I can cook something up in time.
  3. If anyone needs them, I can provide solo male and female vocals as well as choirs.
  4. My Round 4 remix for the SFRG compo. Basically, choirs+orch+large beat as the main formula. I was thinking more solo vox and no guitar.
  5. I had something in mind along the lines of "Vector Point Engineering Sigma Fortress". Would that work for you?
  6. Jason Covenant Splash Supafly (Splash Warfly in Sigma Stage 2 [X3]) Hilf Dir (Tunnel Rhino in Sigma Stage 2 [X3]) Laulu (Frost Walrus in Sigma Stage 2 [X3]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  7. Jason Covenant We are Many, We are One (Boomer Kuwanger in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Beautiful Bloody Bats (Dark Necrobat in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Gate's Secret Dream Lab (Shield Sheldon in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  8. In WillRock's defense, that's not actually WillRock--just a very silly, over-the-top joke impression. Look at those lyrics. Do they seem like a serious effort to you? Sorry my last entry sucked so much and I couldn't sing for GLL's entry before that, and part 2 of the story isn't up yet....been teh sicks. Part 2 is coming soon I swear.... (Glad you guys liked part 1.)
  9. Jason Covenant Flight of the Peacock (Cyber Peacock in Observatory Hall [X]) Subversion Alpha (Gravity Antonion in Observatory Hall [X]) Time's Up, Sigma! (Commander Yammark in Observatory Hall [X]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  10. Jason Covenant Never Gonna Give (Up The Funk) (Gravity Beetle in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Cyberfunk (Splash Warfly in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Probe (Tunnel Rhino in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  11. Jason Covenant Straight Outta RAGE (Flame Stag in Sigma Palace X8) Requiem for a Reploid (Shield Sheldon in Sigma Palace [X8]) Es-cop-ay (Crescent Grizzly in Sigma Palace [X8]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  12. I believe I can shed some light on this, by providing a little bit of their backstory: The illegitimate offspring of a 12-person jury and a Dorito chip, Jorito spent much of his childhood convicting marijuana aficionados while simultaneously providing their sole source of nourishment. He had difficulty making friends as many people feigned interest in him solely to satisfy their munchies. But Fate had more in store for Jorito than simply staring out from jury boxes at white people with dreadlocks. Indeed, Fate Johnson introduced Jorito to Rick Astley changing his life and the world for
  13. Jason Covenant N0v0r G0nn0 Dj0nt Y0u 0p (Crystal Snail in Final Weapon [X4]) Space Base (Shining Hotaronicus in Final Weapon [X4]) Mind Flip~ (Cyber Peacock in Final Weapon [X4]) Rock Hard Mandrills
  14. Subbed. For me, I always attempt something extremely ambitious then achieve less than half of it. Glad to see lots of people excited about their own mixes. Can't say the same about mine. Oh well. Without the help of my teammates, it would've been a lot worse. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else did.
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