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  1. Like the author, I'm in agreement that the source tune is rather forgettable, and it's one of my least favorite tunes on the track. I wasn't expecting much from this remix, but this is just beautiful. It has such a peaceful, curious vibe to it, which is slightly deviating from the original (which I always saw as a tune that made the cave seem ominous, which works in context), but the mysterious vibe is present here as well, and it fits like a glove. I get images of the Ice Cavern from Ocarina of Time, funnily enough. Beautiful mix, one of my new favorite Pokemon Mixes on the site.
  2. This is one of my favorite game soundtracks! Nearly flawless, imo. A great remix to compliment it! I'd have to say of the sources from the game, this is not one of my favorites, but hey, I'm just glad we got one of these on here now!