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  1. Sixto Sounds - I have many favorite tracks and artists, but you may just take the cake. At very least, you take a very, very large piece of it. After a survey of my iTunes library, I found that of all my favorite artists, you take second place for "most total songs that are totally badass", and first place for "highest concentration of songs that are totally badass" (p<.05 thanks for being a scientifically provable total badass.>

  2. One of my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Awesome buildup and evolution over time. The bridge at 2:00 and the kick at 3:40 are great. You work in a lot of different styles, but I like this quality of this sound best, with the levels being more mainstream and less chiptune/indy. Thank you for making such amazing music for free.
  3. People comment on some technical aspects of this track being imperfect. They're probably right. Despite that, I absolutely adore the heroic upswing of this song, and find it incredibly motivating to work to. This is easily one of my favorite songs of all time. Thank you both, very much.
  4. Man, this is really good! I randomly found this in my downloads folder - I have no idea how I found this track or why I decided to download it, but I'm glad I did. Very piratey. The levels and quality of the voices are spot-on, professional quality 5/5. The percussion really meshes well, in what's otherwise entirely chiptuny-synth, filling it out without being conspicuous. Definitely my dark-horse favorite track in the past 6 months.
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