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  1. Submitted a track earlier today. I imagine there will be some hefty competition.
  2. I have friends who went to school for art and game design, which is pretty similar to music in the general outcome after graduating. Anyone who has made it says that they learned some useful things in school, but it isn't anything they couldn't learn on their own with a little self discipline. The portfolio is what matters most in the creative fields and you can have a great one even without an education. How many people do you think graduate from some of these schools while having very little skill? A lot. If you want to go the schooling route, make sure you don't leave without a solid network of contacts. That is 99% of the reason to go to school for something like music, in my opinion. If you're going to be $100,000 deep, you'd better have some people who can hook you up with a job to pay off the debt. You might be better off studying business or marketing and doing music on the side. Being a creative professional is often just a much about selling yourself as it is being good at your craft.
  3. You just have to keep making stuff. It takes a long time, but if you enjoy just making music, your "sound" will emerge on its own. It's best not to try and force it in my opinion. A signature style can be just about anything, like the instruments being used, production trickery, or even the way an instrument is played. It's not the most gratifying response, but there isn't a surefire way to get someone to develop their own musical voice. Just have fun and it will work itself out.
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