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    Music is my everything, and I don't know what I would do without it. Besides that, I like martial arts, parkour/freeruning, writing, drawing, and various other things.
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    AP Computer Science Teacher
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  1. Congrats on the win, @Zorrakh! I'm glad I stumbled upon this compo. I hope to do more now that I've found my way back to this community
  2. What Garpocalypse said. Another thing to remember is that you can't compare yourself to others all the time. If you are a beginner comparing yourself to a pro who's put in countless hours to be good at their craft, you're only setting yourself up for failure. Comparisons are useful if you're looking at someone else's music thinking "What are they doing that I'm not? How did they achieve that sound?" Look at the art critically, don't just bash yourself. I used to feel the same way when hearing other people's music, to the point where I felt too intimidated to even start producing music. The only way I'll get good enough to remix songs as small as The World's Smallest Violin is if I keep making music, learn my software, and push my creative to the limit. Use the experience with your DAW to make cool remixes like the one you just linked!
  3. @HoboKa Sorry I didn't send you the MP3 or respond to the thread, I've been away from home the past few days. This is why I made it downloadable in case I wasn't around lol. I'm assuming my track isn't a bonus though by the looks of your post and the compo page on thasauce. In the process of getting my vote it and I'll be all set Edit: just saw your PM, my b lol thanks so much!
  4. https://soundcloud.com/final-kingdom/buttered-up Here's my track!
  5. I saw how many hours were left last night, and I figured out that Eastern is 4pm. So you're correct about Central, Esperado!
  6. Heavy Rain started off super slow, and I was disinterested in most of the characters until their stories intertwined and the mystery developed.
  7. Fang's Theme from Vanille's perspective perhaps? Love the sounds and how you found a softer, polar opposite feel for the source. Perhaps a little more variation when you repeat sections may help the overall mix (A A' B B' or something along those lines).
  8. Don't know if reddit is your thing, but there's a subreddit for music theory that you can try checking out. I'm sure if you don't learn much from the posts, you'll find the resources useful.
  9. Did you learn these songs by ear, or did you learn from sheet music? Either way, your playing is great! Although only your hands can be seen, you look like you're having fun
  10. So far, I've only played the first game and part of the second, so I'll have to go with Phoenix. The dialogue in the game is so hilarious that I like just about anyone, good or bad.
  11. You should definitely learn basic theory (how to read music, playing scales, what makes a melody/harmony, etc). While it's not "required" if you're making music for fun, it will make the music-making process a lot easier. This link pretty much encompasses what you need to know aside from reading music. (Found this here on the forums and it's pretty awesome.) Apply the knowledge that you gain by dissecting songs you like/want to remix. (Hell, maybe even add stuff you learn to make the mix more stylish.) The more you make the music, the easier it'll the creating process will be. Theory will simply help guide you in the direction you'd want to take.
  12. When it comes to changing tempo, volume and things of that nature, simply start recording and turn the knob (or for tempo, hit the up/down arrow). During the recording, a track will appear for the mixer. You can further edit the track when you're done recording. Hope that helps!
  13. I have a lot of hopes for the year, but I know myself and I probably won't see all my resolutions through lol So here are the main goals that I'm shooting for this year: -Becoming more flexible and getting back into parkour -Developing my arranging skills and start composing seriously -Playing all my instruments more (mostly piano) My goals are more music-oriented, but I want to get more active like I was before I started college.
  14. I'm hella excited for KHIII but a little nervous for the direction that the series is going after it. I'm ready for the Xehanort saga to come to a conclusion (I think we all are quite frankly), but what more could possibly come out of the series? I've forged so many relationships with these characters that a whole new batch of them would probably feel like a completely different game. I hope those feelings are unfounded Birth By Sleep is also my favorite. Before that game, KHII was the only game I really loved in the series, but nothing hyped me up and made me fall in love with the series' overall story like Birth By Sleep.
  15. http://www.musictheory.net/ Maybe you'll find this site useful.
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