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    I love music. I've heard every song released by OCR, been a regular visitor for nine years. Never joined the forums till now. I lack any musical talents but I am extremely passionate about the music I like. I love all genres, as long as the music has emotion or inspiration or meaning I can dig it. I'm a writer and I use music to fuel my imagination, to make music videos of scenes in my head so I get a better feel for how they work. My favorite bands are Sonata Arctica, Buck 65, The Megas, Streetlight Manifesto. Some of my favorite remixers are Disco Dan, Star Salzman, DarkeSword, Sir Jordanius, Ailsean, and Willrock.

    For reference here are some of my favorite OCR tracks :
    Sir Jordanius - Smooth as Honey (Back in Blue album)
    Ailsean - A Walk with Death (Heroes v Villains)
    DarkeSword - Zelda Wind Waker Ancient Hero
    NoppZ - Chrono Trigger Millenial Mountain (Delightful Disco Mix)
    ambient - Chrono Trigger - Chronodyne Marine
    Star Salzman - Mega Man X Dreams Come True
    Protricity - Donkey Kong Country 2 Simian Symphony Pt. 1
    Diggi Dis - Club Klubba (Klubba's Reveille, DKC2 album)
    Darangen - Final Fantasy 6 Deadly Promises
    Insert Rupee - The Life and Death of Kirby (Heroes v Villains
    Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 Metalman Goes Clubbing
    Tryezz feat. DiGi Valentine - New Jack Mantle (The Mantle) from NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming
    Vurez - Ninja Gaiden 'The Night of Lukifell'
    NoppZ - Zelda 64 Hyrule Party Mix
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    Austin RC Blewer
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  1. Trenthian's last mix before this was one of my favorites for a long time. Still has a place in my heart! Glad he's back - this mix is fantastic. Great atmosphere.
  2. The length does not bother me as I've always been a fan of long songs, assuming they keep my interest. Like the source track, this does just that! A really BADASS version is awesome, like The Black Mages one. edit : MY GOD, THE LYRICS! LOL
  3. My second favorite song from the album! Glad to see it posted :3
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