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  1. I remember playing Commander Keen years and years ago...I had no idea there was a modding community for it in 2012. Shall check out later!
  2. Thanks! Muffled sounding guitars are something I've always struggled with, no matter what pedal I've used. Maybe a new soundcard would help? I actually originally planned to do the intro on guitar - I decided to do it with synth so the guitars would kick in with the drums, but I might give it a try to see how it sounds. I'll try and fiddle with the EQ and add some reverb - I tried using some mastering software for the first time, which instantly made it sound better. Thank you very much for the pointers! Hopefully I'll be back with something sounding much better.
  3. Hello all! This is a metal cover of "The Castle" from FFVIII that I created a while ago. http://youtu.be/tX7VihSlewI Source: http://youtu.be/CqtGBR80NWw I'm pretty pleased with the arrangement, but I recognise now that the production is pretty poor. However, I'm not exactly sure where to start, so any advice/criticism would be greatly appreciated, so I can figure out what the most glaring issues are. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
  4. Hey all. I recorded this song a while back, and I haven't heard a lot of reactions on. Thus, I would love to hear some feedback from y'all. I guess I would file it under rock and metal, although it's pretty gentle for most of the song. It made me think of Tool and Opeth's quieter moments when I was writing it, but other people have compared it to Placebo and Joy Division. Anyway, any comments would be greatly welcomed! Particularly any production suggestions you could offer, mixing is by far my greatest achilles heel. (Hope a Youtube link is okay) http://youtu.be/VyyG1nVCXbk
  5. Sorry, I didn't realise you were looking for me! I can't actually remember what I did when you finished...I may have gone for a walk and been distracted by Guitar Hero, or something.
  6. It was a really good panel guys, I thought it got the message across really well. The competition was a really good idea. I think they are planning to do another convention in June. That was you?! I mulled it over and came back to buy it the next day. Curses!
  7. I would definitely be up for a meetup of some sort, I'm going on my own. I'll probably be there from 11am (or whenever it starts).
  8. Yes please, I'll definitely be there. Live guitar, yeah! I strongly propose a rock-off of some sort.
  9. Despite my extreme newness to here, I am looking forward to seeing you guys do your thing there. What are you actually going to be doing?
  10. I didn't think the the IV remake on the DS was super high quality, but I liked the augments system they added. Thought it gave the game a lot more depth.
  11. I sadly never saw this one for Streets of Rage 2 when I was younger. http://youtu.be/dVPno1eYbVM
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