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  1. Also also, amazing handsmom collab this past week!

  2. Rediscovered Groovin' on the Hilltop today. Such a gem☆

  3. What a pleasure to meet the very charismatic Brushfire this fine MAGFest! PowerRoll is def still an option btw;D

  4. rnn

    You are such a gentleman! I hope the other up-and-comers take after your attitude. Keep at it; you're getting better and better.

  5. Aye aye! Ugh, this is why I should have followed the SZRC more closely. Love the Collision Chaos/Underground mix. Sorry to clog up your profile btw.

  6. For what it's worth, the second half of your Wangabangabeetle remix sealed the deal for me! I'll have to check out your other works now.

  7. Nice choice of icon there! Funny 'cause I was just checking Dr. Google to see if there was a particular reason Parodius Twinbee was decked in Winbee's colors...

  8. Thanks for being baller!

  9. Yeah, Darkesword made sure I had plenty of background to go by! It's been amazing so far - the talent these people have is unbelievable and so enviable.