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  1. Thanks for the b-day wish! :)

  2. Happy B-day Kiwi. Hope you have a good one.

  3. PFFFFT. I can't believe there's already 29 people signed up! Only 3 more to go!
  4. I have this horrible, horrible image in my mind now.
  5. Yeah, Darkesword made sure I had plenty of background to go by! It's been amazing so far - the talent these people have is unbelievable and so enviable.

  6. Awww snapz! You're hella new on here! Have you heard the other Megaman Remix compos yet?

  7. Great job everyone for submitting!! I can't wait to listen to these!
  8. Oh cool, thanks! Gonna subscribe to this guy. I'll tell my brothers too!

  9. I can't remember if it was you wondering about this or if it was someone else in the room, but either way, I asked Liontamer and he found the arranger and a download link for that jazzy Snake Man mix we were all wondering about: