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  1. Not a bad song, I love it as a remix, but it's not the best dubstep.
  2. I worked the tempo a little, and did some panning on the piano's, and this is what I got. Still a little robotic, but quite a bit more human in my opinion: Click to Listen
  3. This actually doesn't sound that it would be too hard to just play... Dynamics wise, it seems like even though you have more variation from note to note, there is very little variation between sections. Another thing to think about would be to separate the pianos a little more, it sounds like it's written for four hands rather than two pianos. Even some simple panning would do the trick. I do love the arrangement though. Can't wait to hear the final product.
  4. Hey, been listening to mixes for a while now, Just getting into remixing myself. We'll see how that turns out!
  5. I feel like it does stray rather far from the source, perhaps you could make the lead synth be a closer arrangement of the theme. I also think the melee/brawl sound clips are overused a bit, it seems would be better to have another instrument take it's place sometimes. The bass is also a little repetative, it could benefit from some more variations.
  6. The rhythm guitars are very muddy, it wouldn't hurt to dial down the low frequencies a bit I like the compressor on the drums, but it might benefit from being a just *slightly* less intense. other than that, just make it longer!
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