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  1. I love the 8-bit feeling, It's just such a happy song it leaves me smiling every time I listen to it. It's also very classic Kirby; overall I love it! 10/10!
  2. Could you whitelist my friend dogberry? His username is dogberry123. He did try to post here, but for some reason his account won't post anything. :/ Thanks!
  3. Just type /warp Auronon, and it should be below you.
  4. Sorry guys. I got hacked, and thus that post was not mine. I changed my password so it shouldn't happen again.
  5. Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> minecraftcodes.info <<
  6. That was incredible! I was totally blown away! This is gonna be good. X)
  7. Bleach is the best EVER! I finished it in like two months. THAT is how good it was. I wasn't even into anime before I started on it but now I'm gobbling up anime as fast as possible!
  8. Could you take some shots of my castle? inside/outside.
  9. Why is my warp not on the map? Has it not been updated yet?
  10. What mods are on this server? (If any.)
  11. How does one 'move up in rank' on this server?
  12. Does anyone know when the server will be up for 1.2.5? (I have waited forever to be able to play on the server again, and am kinda sad that I can't play on there...)
  13. I tried to link to the server, but it says I'm not white listed!
  14. Hey, I would like to be whitelisted on the OCR server as well. My username is Auronon, what is the IP?
  15. This is not usually my type, but it came out surprisingly well. Thumbs up!
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