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  1. I just called it character theme (edit) Okay so this is just something I made today. Not sure what people will think but I edited it a few times to get the right sounds. So this is the end result. I'm sure it's probably lacking and it's probably missing something but I can't figure it out myself honestly. So. Go ahead and tell me what you think of it. After all constructive crit is always appreciated~
  2. All right I'm gonna be working on this probably for a good portion of the weekend. Hopefully I can edit it so it sounds a bit less cluttered and not quiiiite as repetitive.
  3. Okay firstly like I said, I no basically nothing about FL Studio whiiich is what I'm using. Not quiiite sure how to set filters and things. So I'm going to look up a tutorial or something on that. I know what you mean about that bell sound but funnily enough it isn't a bell o_O it's actually a piano of some form. It does get cluttered and yeah my favorite thing in the whole thing is the strings xD So maybe I just need to stop adding a ton of stuff together and spend a few days on something. xD
  4. Oh wow. o-o I really like this mix, even as a W.I.P? I really like it. Then again I'm a sucker for guitars and so yeah I like it alot because of that. It's very energetic that's for sure. Can't wait to hear it when you've finished it. 0w0
  5. Well hello to everyone here, signed up yesterday and today is my birthday~ =D Already got a happy birthday message from someone here so you all seem like a friendly bunch! I'm Razaphale or Razz/Razzy for short so feel free to message me and what not.
  6. Don't Break Your (Promise) Okay soooo my very first remix. Started a day ago, finished on my birthday a.k.a today for me. lol Uhhh I know it's probably nothing special and what not but considering I basically know NOTHING about FL Studio and such, this is what I ended up with.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes =3 and the welcome. =3

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Oh, and welcome to the OverClocked Remix forums!