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  1. I am not one to demand that a remix sound like the original, and that is one of the reasons I love The Wingless' remixes so much: he allows himself to be open and creative with the piece, not just the instrumentation and tempo, but right down to rewriting the melody if that's how he wants it. The Wingless' "Teardrinker" is the first song I downloaded from here that I can say truly blew me away, and it was because he allowed his talent to show through in the remix. Now with "Peralsong" we have the same wonderful approach and it has once again led to another great remix (another underwater themed song as well. Coincidence?!) With that said, this is a great remix without a doubt. It definitely brings something new and wonderful to a song we know and love. However, if you are into more 'exciting' remixes, then this wont' be your cup of tea. It's slow, delicate, and beautiful, just like the original. But, for those of us that can appreciate the sublte delicacies of a more pensive piece such as this, they don't get much better than this. Great job, the Wingless! (Now do some more Mega Man 2 for us! =)
  2. I liked this song so much I had to register on here so that I could tell anyone who has not downloaded this song to do so. This is my new favorite remix on the site (I would say it used to be Final Fantasy Prelude - Refractive Mix). This song is fantastic! Just get it and listen if you haven't yet.
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