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  1. Are you still interested in doing a track for the Fear Album? I'm trying to see how many people I have onboard.

  2. Hey, you still interested in doing a track for the fear album?

  3. See previous message, if you still.are interested

  4. Hey, what was the genre you wanted to do the SM theme in?

  5. hey, I was wondering, is there a chance you could make me another signature? I loved your June is Boss Month one, and I've been looking to update. If possible, one with Zero how he looks in the MMZ games?

  6. You wouldn't happen to have like a midi of Red Dawn or something like that, would you? Snappleman made me a midi of Bloodlines when I thought that was still on the table, but I don't want to ask someone to make something like that for me. If you don't have one I'll find a way to get along, was just checking.

  7. It's alright, I'll manage. Should be an interesting challenge to figure out the song anyways.

  8. Um, hey, when would you want a WIP to see where I'm going with it?

  9. It's no problem, take your time, you're already doing me a favor