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  1. This is my second piece since learning traditional music theory, one of the two I will be submitting to Berklee Online College of Music to audition. Any feedback is very appreciated, I had a lot of fun making this! Here's the song!
  2. I want to start entering these again in the near future. Gotta get refamiliar with music stuff in general though, it's been years
  3. Is this the Slimy from the Revival Forums!? If so, awesome to see you getting recognition, I've always loved your musical work! It's me, Drevan
  4. I wouldn't necessarily mind a source change either, I truly enjoy the source I picked before, but we do seem to be having some issues
  5. This thread has some really long posts I couldn't be bothered to read, so sorry if this ideas already been brought up. What if, for sources, we have a system similar to how twitch.tv/hitbox.tv has people pick their games for streaming? It would require some database work, likely outsourced to some active community members, but you would start typing the name in, narrowing the choices down as you approach a games name, then select the game. Once you select the game, a second input form next to the first could be used to pick the track(s) used, and then depending on what the tracks are, the youtube source (also community maintained because soundtrack uploaders randomly get shot down all the time) will be automatically linked, say, at the bottom of the OP/Submission page, depending on the format of how this goes down.
  6. Considering the deadline in the post, it seems like your siggy is ending early. I may be interested in this one.
  7. I'm just starting the level 1 theory exam at about the halfway point through these videos, and I just wanted to espouse more praise upon them, they've been an amazing resource.
  8. ;-; I wish I could have gotten in on this, just played FF2's remake and it was really good. Hope it comes out awesome!
  9. Also, dunno if it's a big deal, but the game is Castlevania (Akumajou Dorakyura) X68000
  10. Just wanted to let you know, pu, it's Kenta Kurodani, not Kento. XP
  11. Thought I'd post this here and get some feedback. I know the hats are dry, if anyone knows a nicer sample for them, I'm all ears. Awaken
  12. A while back I was looking around for stuff on music theory, as I felt that I needed to learn more about it in order to help myself with my music. So I was going around the net and I ran across a guy who is a college professor, who did a free theory course on youtube, and as of yet he seems pretty on the ball, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy, I hope it helps you in whatever musical endeavors that you do
  13. https://soundcloud.com/degree0/orchestral-carol just a little something I made. Merry Christmas!
  14. If I have the time, I'd totally love to throw together a try at Airship Fortress from MKDS, that song has always been my absolute favorite from that OST
  15. Nabbed, used the auyn-etel code, in case you are updating the post to slash out used codes
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