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  1. Thank you for your time and ideas, OfficialJab. I'll keep in mind your idea of a second theme, but I don't think I will do it for now, as I have already used all the material from this song, and I don't want to use material from other songs of the game. But if I would like to do it, I'll probably do so at the moment you pointed. If I undestand you well, the one thing I need to change is the title... I tried to keep it clear and simple but I realize that this song has been remix one million of times, and I need to find something else. I changed the status of the thread to "finished", wich I probably should have done from the beginning.
  2. Hi Hadyn, I listened a few times to your piece. Good job ! It is really pleasant to listen. Here are the modifications I’ll consider to do if I was making the remix. Feel free not to follow them since all of this is really subjective - from 1:25 to 1:36 : I’ll add a crescendo there. I’ll even try to begin it at 1:12 - the last 4 notes on the violin (D, E, C, A ?) should be louder. In my viewpoint this is the resolution of the climax, so it should be louder, or doubled with another instrument, or even the same violin one octave higher. I’ll also maybe try to put the three first notes staccato. We were waiting for those 4 notes from 2 minutes ! Make them rock ! - the passage from 1:40 to 2:05 is 4 times the same question/answer from 2 instruments. You keeped the same melody than in the original, but there are lyrics in the original wich make it sufficiently varied. Changing some notes the 4th time, giving them higher pitch, may be a good idea. In my opinion, a remix should tell something new, so I don’t see the problem if the nods to the source material are subtle, but I do not feel it’s the case in your piece. Cheers,
  3. Hello, I'm working on a Aeris theme remix. You can listen to it following this link : EDIT : this is the last version : http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/the-rocking-cetra EDIT : this is the older file : The original source : The arrangement is nearly finalized as it is, but I need more realistic sounds on electric guitars, and probably on other instruments as well (piano, oboe). Is this the good place to ask for instrumentist's help? (sorry, I'm new) Of course, any feedback will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks !
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