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  1. Hey guys, Just passing by after years and seeing the albums is again on tracks. Great news! I'm interested in finishing the WIP track I've submitted 4-6 years ago if it's still available. Gario, I PMed you. I'll try to pass on OCremix forums from time to time, but overall it's a safer bet to contact me by email. Good luck with the album everyone !
  2. Wow, impressive trailer! Great job! Can't wait to grab the album!
  3. I hope the album will release soon! Isn't there some some of World Hate Day in february?
  4. Hi, I'm working on a track for the Lufia 2 remix album, and I need a female singer that can sing in french (ideally without foreign accent). If you know someone that could be interested, please share the word. This is the source : I'll give the link to my version via PM. Thank you all for your time and consideration.
  5. Hi, Here the short version of an original track I've been working on lately: http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/the-fearless-gamer-and-the I prefix it as a work in progress, but I guess I wouldn't change a lot to this short version. I will just make it longer ! It is dedicated to the gaming community. You guys can fight a monster as big as a building without crying for your mama, and it deserves at least a music piece ! You surely guessed this is a sort of boss theme.
  6. A newer version : http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/the-rocking-cetra-march-1st The original source : - Changed panning to something more conventional - added more drums variations - added some processing, including amp on the bass & melody, effects and EQ on the drums parts, and many other little changes. - adjusted volume of many channel strips Don't hesitate to comment if anything can be better, I want it to be as good as it can.
  7. Many thanks for the comments and advices. Actually the cymbals crashes are full left. I tried to follow advices given in this video : I'll try something less extreme for panning, to vary more the drum patterns and boost the bass. For the guitar, I asked the guitarist to record something heavy metal sounding, so that's a choice of mine, and will be more complex to change. I'll see what I can do.
  8. Here's finally the new version with enhanced production. Many thanks to Aster who did additional recording job, and to Darangen who had given me plenty of advices regarding production, and has been very patient explaining it all in great details. Update includes : - Production completely remade from scratch - More variations in the drums - Double recorded guitars Here's the link : http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/the-rocking-cetra The original source : Note : As I gave the same name as previous version, clicking on the old link will give you the new song.
  9. Woaw, thanks for all these really precise comments. I'm not a guitarist at all so all this is still a bit obscure for me, but I will definitely work on it ! Production for rock pieces seems to be much more difficult than I thought.
  10. A still newer version : http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/the-rocking-cetra changes includes : - new piano sounds - work on the mix to enhance balance and stereo effect The original source :
  11. I don't know if you are aware of this, but the sale currently occuring on their website also covers aditionnal mic positions ! I just get close mic for my gold EWSO for 54€.
  12. Hi, I would like to buy a very good (understand : the best) piano sound samples available on the market (to be used on a mac). What is considered the best bank for piano sounds? I was thinking EWQL Pianos, but someone told me they aren't that great. Any advice?
  13. Normally it should be the theme that comes with the game over screen, if there's one. But as in street fighter 2 the "continue" screen is generally considered the game over theme, it can be the same for marvel vs. capcom 3.
  14. Actually it doesn't as I asked for only one remix per game/serie. I'd prefer to have different games, now if you're doing an awesome job for both, we'll probably keep both.
  15. Haha, I didn't expect an april joke on january, so we are still here with our crazy project
  16. I never heard of this album either. Anyway, it seems it will be more than redundant to do another one. Maybe can you close this thread?
  17. Actually I was surprised no one posted this idea on OC remix. I didn't even know the existence of the shizz. Is it really annoying if they are also doing an album based on the same theme? We can probably still make our own Game Over album. Thanks for the idea. The problem will be the deadline. I know that less than one year is extremely short for an album, so if we could manage to do just one single album, it will be perfect. Now if more people are enthusiastic, we can try making this double album Game Over - Staff Roll Thank you Orangedragan, I added your name to the list of interested people... Well, for now, you're alone on this list, but hopefully this will not last.
  18. Hi folks, You all know that the end of the world is for december 21th... Hey, let's make a "Game Over" album, so we can listen to it for eternity ! As you surely understand this project is all about having fun and challenges. There will be tight deadlines, as the album should release december 21th maximum, and the project is to remix only "game over" themes, which are often very short pieces. I'm currently gauging people's interest in this project, as well as the feasibility of the deadline. As I'm fairly new to OCRemix, I don't plan to do it by myself, so if someone experienced in (co)directing an official released album is interested in co-directing this project, please PM me. Current idea is : try to have only "Game Over" themes such as these : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzDs4HHh96g a youtube channel dedicated to game over screens (thank you hakstock) : http://www.youtube.com/user/GameOverContinue#p/u/9/jJN4rmMR2bU And remix them in a sad/dark mood. Another possibility is to add staff roll themes to it but the primary idea is game over themes only. The choice of the theme will be free. Only one remix per game/serie. If you want to support this project and participate, you can already say wich track you would like to remix. People showing interest up to now : Orangedragan : Male vocals Terra Mater : Female vocals, folk harp, piano BrothaDom : spoken vocal / interested in collaboring on a remix
  19. Here is the new version of this remix (updated january 12th 2012) : http://soundcloud.com/pablocoma/aeris-rock The original source : The updates includes : - Live guitars and bass recorded by Aster (Thanks a lot to him for his help, he has done an awesome job recording all of this !) - modified drums where it were too robotic. - humanized piano - some other minor changes
  20. Yes, try your idea first. As I said earlier I will not begin to work on that song immediately, and in any case FFXIV Cid song is great, so please don't give up because I put an "option" on FFII Cid Maybe I'll take FFXIV even if you leave anyway.
  21. That's really cool. Thanks for adjusting this rule.
  22. Hey that's a nice project ! I'd like to take part of it. Well, it's going to be a little bit complicated... If Nonamer doesn't do the FFII remix, I'll take that one. If he does it, do you consider "the Highwind takes to the sky" from FFVII a Cid-related theme? Well it's from FFVII, and you said "one game, one remix" so I suppose this is not a good idea. Finally, if Nonamer does FFII Cid, and "the Highwind takes to the sky" has no place in your album, then i'll make the Cid nan Garlond from FFXIV remix. I'll wait for Nonamer to say if he does it or not to begin the work (but take your time, I've other songs to make)
  23. Hello Prophecy, hello everyone, I think I misunderstood the 50% WIP done rule, I suppose this WIP has to be for THIS project, wich mean, we have tu urge do something in a hurry before someone else pick the track? And that any posted remixer can just come in and claim the track we've been working on for hours? Moreover, we can just make an easy one-hour-made 50% remix of a track, then begin the real work from zero, in a totally different style when we are considered having claimed it? Dura lex, sed lex. Nevertheless, allow me to express my humble disagreement to such a rule, wich emphasises speed and not quality. At first I was thinking any 50% WIP piece will be ok ^^' Well, forget about it, I'm putting myself to work. FYI, I'll try to make something for the phantom forest and opening theme.
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