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  1. you can also add an instrument to the pattern on the step sequencer (drag and drop), then right click on the button on the step seq. for the MIDI pattern you imported, got to edit, then copy (or cut), and the same on the desiered insturment except paste instead of copy. ZAck
  2. How can a Remix made by the original composer go wrong? I just listened to this remix for the first time and it is one the most original take on authentic game music I've heard in a while. the bass line is a unique slap/electronic style. The main synths are appropriate to the context, but seem to linger a little. I like the drums but they don't vary enough. over all a fasinating peice of music given it's history. ZAck
  3. First god only kills kittens every time you play with yourself, and second this is the best rendition of the MM3 intro I've ever heard. Injury has many other bad ace songs and this one is just icing on the cake.
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