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    Life time fan of video games and music, combining them both is just the greatest of life's mortal pleasures :)

    I've been playing music since I was around 15, and playing games since before I can remember, it seems natural to combine the two really. I play guitar, bass, banjo, keyboard, harmonica, and tin whistle, I will implement them all when I can :)
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  1. Hi folks, my friends and I have just formed a little acoustic trio, and this is our first track. I'd like a few people to listen maybe get a bit of constructive criticism. If you like acoustic music with a bit of a Mexican/Spanish/Spaghetti Western flair you'll like it. Mexican prison escape music with a hint of the Kill Bill film score, and the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. Enjoy.
  2. My favourite track from the OST, and you have remixed it in a really imaginative and really cool way. Excellent work, the synth work in particular is very very tasteful. You don't stray too far from the original, but you definitely took your own path. Excellent work.
  3. Hey guys, this is my first "real" attempt it arranging and re-mixing a video game theme. I love Golden Axe, and this tune in particular just seemed to really want to be played with harmonized guitars Check it out of you will, there's also a youtube video we shot for it, with some green screen fun I'm going to submit it to OCR officially, once I read through the submission guide lines and get all the format requirements lined up. Hopefully it makes it, but it seems you guys run a pretty tight ship, and very few do ! oh and source of course:
  4. Hey folks, thought I'd do the standard introduction now that my registration is complete I just found this site randomly googling because I've been searching to find....well exactly what this place is! I'm a life time music fan, and life time gamer, I've noticed my original music recently has been taking quite a video game sounding turn, so I thought I'd just go full throttle and cover some video game music while I'm at it. I play a bunch of instruments, and record primarily in Cubase, hope to see you all around