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    Manchester, UK based Music Graduate.

    Bass player in Punk-Metal band Footprints In The Custard.

    Heavily into RPGs, particularly Final Fantasy, Suikoden and Shining Force.
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  1. Cheers dude! Much appreciated! I maintain that Lunar Rebellion is quite possibly the best piece of work I've done. It was heart wrenching to sit on it for so long, but I'm glad it's found an audience finally! Glad you enjoyed it
  2. It's just before 7am in the UK. I'm going to sleep after a long nights work. I'm going to wake up later and listen to this album. It's going to be glorious!
  3. Exactly. Apologies for the confusion. I was born ready.
  4. Me too, dude. This is a massive deal for me. I remember a lifetime ago coming across Kate's version of Beatrix's Rose Of May theme and being blown away, finding OCR through that, then eventually this project. Now, several years later, I get to appear alongside Kate and a few of my other remix heroes (Dan Floyd especially - can't wait to see what you've done dude!). I hope it's all as good as I want it to be
  5. I see that, and raise you this beaut.
  6. Cheers guys! I've got a few more coming on the FF9 album, and they're generally more conservative overall. Thanks for the feedback too - I appreciate it!
  7. In my daily check up, it appears I may have derailed things slightly...
  8. I can't be the only one who comes back everyday, hoping it's the day it'll actually be released. And everyday I get more excited.
  9. To be fair, I can hear it doing really well in symphonic black metal. If I have the inclination and a spare day, I may well knock something together to see.
  10. Still gutted I missed this until shortly after the fact. If anything similar happens for the remaining Shining games, hit me up. I'd love to contribute!
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