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  1. Alright, I'm gonna be that guy since it has been around 3 weeks since the last post (also mine) and I'm on the fourth disc of my umpteenth playthrough of FFIX and am super, super excited for this album to be done. Is there any news at all? I know that Fishy was gonna cut it once a certain four or so crucial songs got finished, so what's the word on those songs or some of the less crucial songs that are still being worked on?

  2. You don't think that Eternal Harvest, Esto Gaza, Terra, and Crossing Those Hills (I really hope I got the four right, had to do some digging to find them) are important songs to have on the album?

    Either way, it's not like they can just say "Oh hey, we're suddenly done, let's release the album RIGHT NOW." These things take time.

  3. Any word on how this album is coming along? The first post shows it being near completion, but the last update to it was around 5 months ago. This was the first game I picked out for myself and the reason I picked an N64 over a Playstation when my dad decided I was at the right age to get my first console. Lots of fond memories of this game. :-)

  4. what seriosuly i have been waiting for so long to see the albumn release is that crazy that people will like it come on do this for the fans when i was a producer of the project i will not do the same thing as you are so i am disapointed so fell about that i want this album so badly emulator promise us a releas album this year it begin developed since 2010 and now this can't belive you say that so sorry i disapointed and i am not dealing with this
    when i was a producer of the project i will not do the same thing as you are

    I can't even begin to process that tense change.

  5. Any word on how the project is coming along? I've noticed it's been about a month since the last update, at least to the front post. FFIX is easily my favorite Final Fantasy and probably my favorite game of all time. The Christmas samples sounded great; I'm so excited for this album!

  6. It's just so happy! I love this mix. I was skeptical at first, when reading the description and for the first few seconds of the song, but after getting into the song, I knew I had to download it. This will get many plays from me in the future, even if it makes my roommate think I've turned into a girl.

    I'd love to know what kind of setup was used on the guitar bit near the end, I really dug the sound.

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