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  1. I was actually talking with my friend last week about whether or not combining acoustic with chiptune would even work well. I guess this remix is the ultimate answer to that. Yes, it can in fact work, and it can work extremely well. The experience of listening to this was like my ears eating sweet, delicious candy. Great stuff.
  2. Wow, this mix really pulled me in right from the beginning. There's something I really love about simple guitar arrangements, for me it gives off this really close and intimate feel. This arrangement really capitalized on that sense, in a fantastic way. The electric guitar really surprised me in this, I thought it was going to completely overpower the other two guitars but it was blended in really well! I'm so used to hearing electric guitar as a big power lead, hearing it in a more subdued context was a great change of pace.
  3. Hey, an introduction place-thing! Hello everyone! I, like many I'm sure, have been lurking around this site for a while. I was just waiting for the right moment to make an account (similar to how one might wait, with an arrow nocked and the bowstring drawn, for the right moment to claim their target). I recently saw a request for performers in one of the album threads and thought "that's my cue!" (pun always intended )...Wait, is that really a pun at all? About me! I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at college (getting a borring BA in Music) and have absolutely no idea what I want to do afterwards! So exciting! I've gotten into a lot of things though, both in and outside of music, and since composition is one of them I'm sure I'll be posting my own remix around here soon enough (though I think I should deal with my comp. project for school first >_>) The amount of community support and quality feedback around here is mind-blowing to me, so I feel like it'd be a waste to not take advantage of it More info! My favorite game is easily FFIX, which also happens to hold my favorite game OST. I play lots of RPGs but I'm also very partial to Metroid, Kirby, and Link. Of those three series, my favorites would probably be Super Metroid (though I liked Other M a lot), Kirby Super Star, and either Wind Waker or Skyward Sword (I need to give SS a few more years to see how well it holds up). Anyway, I can be terrible at keeping up with social things (even online social things) but I'm determined to make it most likely not happen here, probably. See you in the forums! ...I never know how to end things well.
  4. Well that makes sense why I thought that then! I think with what you have now, the balance between the two sections is good. The additions added to the first section really helped. The transition is a lot better as well, though I still think it could be improved. It sounds a little too percussive to me, like each piano note is smacking me in the face (well, maybe not that bad >_>). Maybe soften the attacks a little bit, or try some other piano samples...? Not entirely sure about that one. A little rubato/humanization might help too, since it's just piano by itself. Contrary to OfficialJab, I actually like what's going on at 1:32-2:00 rhythmically. It's actually one of my favorite parts
  5. Nice so far! To work backwards, I think the second half (after that little solo piano thing) is a lot stronger than the first. It sounded a lot fuller and I liked what was going between the strings and the piano. The piano transition was fine, though it felt a little strangely placed to me. I think it sounds more like an intro than a transition. In fact, it might sound cool to start with the piano going into the second part and then move what you have in the beginning to after the second part, essentially flipping what you have. Hopefully that makes sense Happy musicing!
  6. SO. I'm really interested in helping out with this project, but I am unfortunately still pretty green when it comes to arranging/producing/that kind of thing. HOWEVER. I can play bassoon, and have the ability to record myself playing bassoon. I also happen to have access to a contra bassoon at the moment (though only until about the end of June really). If anyone is interested in some low reed goodness, I would be more than happy to help out!
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