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  1. Wow, just a stupendous arrangement. Thank you for creating such an evocative piece, Jay and Jenny! The arrangement is open and powerful; I particularly like the opening guitar sound that you got, with that hint of reverb shimmering off the guitar. Also, the rhythmic dance section that starts at 1:24 just propels the piece into a great place, and I love how the flute takes those rhythmic, dance-y figurations at that point. I've already listened to it twice... it just works super well. Congratulations, and thank you! Farkle
  2. I definitely am a huge fan of Neil Peart, really has a great sound and mad chops. Also, check out Stewart Copland, of the Police. He has a great, energetic, reggae-meets-ska-meets-virtuoso style. Very cool hi-hat work. Check out Message In a Bottle, Walking on the Moon, and Driven to Tears. Oh, and Synchronicity 1 and 2. Peace to all! Mike
  3. Hi, everyone! Farkle here, I'm a new sign-on, but many of the OCR crew know me as Mike Worth (old friend of Zircon and PixieTricks); I've been meaning to sit down and get into the OCR community for a couple of years now, and now's the time to do it! I would love to contribute some remixes to the Ocarina project; as one of the other posters also does, I sing this music to my 5 year old daughter. There is a lot of competition for the remaining tracks, I'll help fill in the blanks. I'd love to remix the Fairy Fountain, the Nocturne of Shadow, and/or the Bolero of Fire. If those are taken, I'll happily do the opening Deku Tree suite. With the short melodies, Nocturne and Bolero, is it okay to expand them a bit, into a more symphonic piece, melodic/harmonic variation, some key change moves, etc? Thank you all for letting me be a part of this community and this project! Farkle
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