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  1. I might be able to help you. let me know your preferred method and I'll get it for you.
  2. I want to add that no matter how talented you are at something, you are going to hit a plateau at some point. In that case, talent can actually be a hindrance. If progress has always come easily to you, it's easy to get frustrated once you hit that plateau. But in order to be truly great, you have to overcome it.
  3. I guess it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. I could never be a singer even if I practiced non-stop. Unlike this girl: EDIT: unless you're trying to learn a language, I think age doesn't really matter. There are some notorious late-bloomers in pretty much every field. If you have the talent, the age at which you started practicing/learning doesn't really matter if you work hard!
  4. Everybody bitches about it. Just not always on the internet. You shouldn't assume that news that are popular on the internet are necessarily representative of the real world. But I agree that it's just 'cool' right now to hate on capcom and there is no real reason they are any worse than any other company other that a few testimonials and (very) vocal megaman fans. EDIT: I agree that the Megaman 1 soundtrack is awesome. Cutman?
  5. Something being subjective doesn't mean that there aren't patterns that will be globally more appreciated. It doesn't mean opinions will vary wildly and randomly either. I believe music, like any other art, is about intention. If you write a piece by randomly throwing notes on a sheet and your intention was to be as random as possible, then you just wrote a good piece! Whether it is interesting to other people is another question, though. Your paragraph gave me the impression that you think that music as an art form has been improving in (at least) the past few centuries. If there is suc
  6. In an ideal world, I would agree with you. However, I think you are neglecting the political approach in favor of the academic one. The only thing we know for certain is that she wants to mitigate the prevalence of the damsel in distress trope. What better way than to stir up heated discussions about the issue, where you obviously have the moral high ground? Preaching to the choir, yes, but you are enforcing already existing ideas and making the group more vocal. You're giving ammunition to major media outlets; I wouldn't be surprised at all if game reviewers started to bring up tired usa
  7. I stand by what I said, but 'mind-bending' was probably a poor choice of words on my part. It's too subjective; now I could give you any example and you could answer that it doesn't correspond to your definition of the word. I personally consider any song that changes time signature every bar 'mind-bendingly complex'. Your statement is pretty condescending in that it seems you are assuming that I would need to learn a lot to understand what complexity is. The problem I have with trying to justify what you like is that there will always be exceptions to your arbitrarily self-imposed rules.
  8. Does it matter at all anyways, business-wise? There are massive threads about how Call of Duty or Madden or mobile gaming sucks and yet the sales are always very high. I don't think there a sizable amount of people who would actually boycott a game because a developer/publisher agrees with Anita. On the other hand, I can see how people would buy a game to support a developer/publisher who speaks openly about being on Anita's side. It sucks how you can't disagree with her without being dismissed as sexist or that you can't agree with her without being labeled a white knight (or is it femi
  9. Well I was trying to avoid the notion of artistic license, since I think we've covered the subject pretty thoroughly. I just meant if you consider a game as a product, something that you want to sell. In the case of Spelunky, I don't think sex, or 'male power fantasies' (whatever that means) was a main factor in the game's appeal. So regardless of social progress or ethical implications, siding with Anita just makes business sense. In this context, you get sympathy from a currently very vocal group, coverage from video game tabloids and forums, and the backlash seems very minimal; not ever
  10. Doesn't it simply makes business sense to be on Anita's 'side'? I mean, I think most people who disagree strongly with Anita don't care as much, in the sense that they wouldn't base purchase of a game on political grounds. It would be pretty ridiculous anyways, to refuse to buy a game because it does NOT feature a damsel in distress. As you said, what he said was good PR.
  11. The problem I have with this is how do you quantify how hard a song was to make? It's easy to write a song of mind-bending complexity, with time signatures changing every bar, modulations, tempo changes, etc. and it's much harder to write a simple song that works and that people will appreciate. I'm honestly surprised that this attitude seems to be so prevalent within people who like to listen to songs from video games. Most of the most appreciated video games song are pretty simple. Exactly. It's almost as if music was used as a fashion statement instead of appreciated for the art form
  12. Holy shit that was awesome, thank you! I've never understood why you would need to validate your tastes by trying to find objective metrics by which a song, or a genre, would be good. To me, it's as simple as: "do I like it?". Who cares whether a song was hard to make, whether it uses presets, whether it's complex, whether it's only popular because it's a fad?
  13. No, it is only cross-save unfortunately
  14. I was kinda expecting that by the end of the third video, she would have explored how the presence of the trope affects our psychology. Because when I hear: "it reinforces the idea that women need to be sheltered", I want to know how. How does exposure to a recurring trope in some form of media really influence the way we think? I know that violence in media has been subject to a lot of controversy (and for much longer) and, so far, I haven't found any conclusive research that demonstrates that exposure to violence in video games (which is much more prevalent than so-called "sexist" tropes)
  15. So, to the people who are talking about a "very real issue" (not just Bleck), how would you define the problem?
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