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    Hey there! I'm a drummer. A pretty basic one - practising about 5-6 hours weekly and playing mainly melodic death metal. I've been in a few bands along the way, but currently I'm seeking to learn more about mixing trance and metal. Also I'm a huge fan of megaman series and final fantasy series. Please contact me if you need drum arrangements and/or drum recordings! :)
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    Aatu Nykänen
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    Drum Programming
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  1. I also agree that the intro build me up expecting something never seen - something like a melancholic melodic metal(ish) approach..? Would be fantastic if someone ever did that kind of "dr.wily goes opeth's windowpane" (from damnation). But back to the point.. I think the instruments are in balance and the mix is ear friendly (easy to listen). Especially I like the acoustic guitar and leads - they sound really pure and honest (don't really know about these terms, eh?). Also the drums have that jamming backbeat (starts at 1:57) Short version: Keep up the good work!
  2. Must agree that the vocals wasn't my cup of tea either. But I have to give credits about the arrangement! Maybe a bit too much with the ride cymbal usage on drums though? (that's an opinion, not a truth) It's sure deserves solid eight fish out of ten and goes to my playlist
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