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  1. After long, i finally found a way to put everything together on the same track, making me able to organise it through the channel colours, it's kinda handy and complex. but everything can be resolved using an "edit on piano roll" for the track and pointing everything into sepparate MIDI outs inside a Kontakt inside the FL Patcher... this kinda sucks horribly cause in Cubase/Sonar i can do this with 666 less clicks... but i do not have licence of any of those, so i must stick with FL for the time being
  2. I never had any problems with CC automation on FL since most plugins can directly link parameters to automation carriers. But, since Kontakt everything changed, i can only control CC's from the Midi Channel 1. I already tried changing the channel on the "Override Generic Controler" and "link to controller" windows. but no matter how much i tweak the knob it does not even move on the interface, nor can i edit it manually on the piano roll, only Midi Ch 1 is editable. There is some way to operate CC's for every channel on Kontakt via the piano roll or automation clips? I use Kontakt 5.1 and FL 10 Producer
  3. well, that actually is for cartridges only, not?
  4. Skyrim = say goodbye to the rest of social life you had
  5. Earthbound was one of the first games i became completelly addicted on, it is quite different from traditional medieval & fantasy RPGs so it may be a good choice. the same I say about Mother 3 (that would be a earthbound 2) but this one is only available in japanese (unless you take the fantranslated rom)
  6. I actually use EWQLSO by importing its samples with Native Instruments Kontakt, it avoids all the errors, but you'll lose the VST funcionalities.
  7. orchestra is my specialty, if you hand a midi file and describe the dynamics and nuances. i can do it too.
  8. Ys, specially Ys Oath in Felghana (PSP & PS2) and Ys I & II Chronicles (PSP) and all the other 15+ games of the series for all other consoles you can imagine.... great game and principally, memorable music.
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