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  1. Do you still have the email they sent you with the username and password? If not, you're screwed. If you do, submit them again (it's under "My FL studio" at the site) and you'll be logged in again. EDIT: I'd suggest printing about 5 copies of the username and password if you tend to lose things, so that you don't lose it.
  2. Holy shit! This is awesome! This has to be the best mix I've heard in a long time, and if everyone who remixed this tune did it this well, it wouldn't matter how many people did it, it would always be seriously undermixed... First of all, the percussion. Interesting, un-repetetive, and it fits in perfectly, moving the song along, because it feels like that without it, the song would get stuck, not looping, but it would just keep going (Not sure if that would be such a bad thing though). Second, the sax. Is it sampled or live? I'm going to guess that it's sampled, but the articulation is done so well that it wouldn't surprise me if it were live. The melody, is obviously not blak_omen's composition, but I find this a very good interpretation of the original. The piano and the organ. They make very good bass for the sax, though I can't help feeling they're just the slightest bit repetetive in the non-melodic parts, although it doesn't really matter because they're not the melody, and what you listen to (consiously) anyway. The bass seems slightly uninteresting, and does a job which could just as easily have been done by the organ, except that for that part the bass sounds better. I guess that didn't make very much sense... The sound effects like the hiss and the thunder sounds at the beginning are very well placed, and enhance the overall feeling of the song very well, especially the hiss which has a strangely calming efect, exactly what you'd like when listening to a chill/jazz mix. 101/100... or something...
  3. Are the midi-outs set to different instruments and not just the LSD? If not, then that's the problem. Otherwise I have no idea.
  4. Yes, you still get the free upgrades, yes, its still producer edition.
  5. Also, you'll probably have found this out already, but if you press the button that looks like in the top-left corner of an automation track, then go to tools > LFO, you can have FL apply an automatic LFO to it.
  6. Does anyone know of soundfonts or samples of human breath, specifically long "aaahhh" sighs and things like that?
  7. Anyway, even if you bought the producer edition FL studio, you can pay the difference between FL studio and FL XXL for the plugins.
  8. Ummm.... I cannot remember because since I have shitty onboard audio, I have mine dragged up to full all the time unless I'm recording something midi, when it's annoying to have a pause when I play.
  9. To the first question, go options > audio, and take the buffer length down a little, but this might reduce the quality of the song when it plays.
  10. This has been answered like fivehundredmillionbillion times. Go into the FX panel, and add a Fruity LSD, and set the channel to 0, or whatever channel all those MIDI out's are set to. Sorry for the fouble post folks, but this sorta belongs in another post.
  11. Now I have a question, though it's more technical than how to use FL, whenever I open up FL, I get an error: "Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000." but it doesn't seem to affect anything though. Has anyone experienced a similar error or know why this might happen?
  12. If you just want to eq the whole song, go to the effects panel, and in the master track, add a fruity 7-band EQ or something of the sort. To add an effect, click the little arrow next to a slot. if it's one instrument you want to EQ, give the instrument its own effects channel, (click on the instrument in the step sequencer, and in the top-right corner of the channel properties you can change it) then in the effects panel go to whatever channel you gave the instrument and add a EQ effect. Hope that was clear enough.
  13. How to use automation has been described lots of times, but I'll try to do it again. Automation, controls knob/button/slider changes, meaning, say, if you wanted the volume to change by itself halfway through the song, you go into its autmation and make it do that. The event editor is the editor for an automation track. If you make a 8 bar song, then go into the event editor for the main volume, and scroll to bar 4 and draw something in (obviously higher is higher and lower is lower), then play the song, the volume will change halfway through. If your song had two instruments, and then went into edit events for the volume knob of one instrument, and made the same change, then only the volume of that instrument would change, instead of the whole song. I thought there was a tutorial for this in projects>tutorials, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore... hmmm... EDIT: AAAARGH!!!! I just spent like seven minutes typing this, (I type slowly... sue me) and then someone else gets there first, and says the same with about a third of the stuff I wrote.
  14. to make a fadeout right-click the main volume control, and go edit events or something. then scroll further to the bar where the music finishes, and right-click-and-drag from the top-left corner of the last bar to the botto-right corner. I hope that wasn't too vague or illegible...
  15. Don't the people upgrading from FruityLoops 3.x get the FL studio 4 fruityloops edition? Isn't that why it's called the "fruityloops edition"?
  16. Yes it is, if you buy FL Studio 4, you get versions 5+ free. EDIT: oops... I didn't realize you were talking about only 3 and 4... anyway, I'm pretty sure its still a free upgrade, you get the fruityloops edition.
  17. Oh, sorry. If you have your keyboard connected to your computer and drivers installed, go options>MIDI options, and under remore control input select your keyboard, it should be on the list. EDIT: WTF? I said that to DM Lee not you... oh well
  18. There was a post on this a little while ago... You should use something else for recording audio, cooledit or soundforge, or one of those free ones that were mentioned earlier, and then save it as a wav to use in FL. If you really want to, load a random sample, and in the channel settings, press ctrl+e to go to the recording interface.
  19. Hmmm... for some reason defender doesn't seem to work for me... peach and toad are very very fun though.
  20. darkesword put two really good saxophone soundfonts on his soundfont site at http://soundfonts.darkesword.com
  21. ok. sorry if I sounded a bit angry or something. I got up at 4 in the morning today, and I have had nothing to eat all day either cause I am feeling really sick, and to top it all off my little brother was running around me in circles screaming, so i am a bit irritable.
  22. And you did not happen to see the multiple warnings posted in this thread to stop people from buying the express version? Also you do not NEED sytrus or any of those other ones, for soundfonts you can use rgc's sfz (but be warned it has very lame jokes in it), and most of the really good vst synths are free.
  23. Unless you only want to make drumloops, DO NOT buy the $50 version! It doesn't have the piano roll, so practically, you cannot write melodies with it.
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