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  1. Although I mostly play keyboard by ear, I had a book called, "The Chord Wheel," by Jim Fleser. It is a great reference book and it will help a lot with chord theory. I've been formally trained on the sousaphone/tuba and I've been involved with band from the 6th grade up through college. This book even helps with transposing keys if you even decide to write orchestral scores. I feel you on this one here. Before I upgraded my PC, I invested in an audio interface (Roland UA-4FX ~$90) around the end of 2010. I had it running on an old Gateway PC that I purchased back in '02 while I was still i
  2. It's great to see so many here interested in making and ReMixing game music. I hope to do more in the future. Plus, I've had this Sonic and MegaMan tune I'd like to do in my head since almost forever. If any of you have any music posted on Soundcloud (or other site) please share. I have some of my work posted on Soundcloud (SupaKoolEnt). Keep up the great work everyone! ~Harold Jr(DoT)
  3. It's good to meet all of you! Have anyone done any good remixes lately? (regardless of submission, acceptance, or rejection) I've only done one game remix so far. I submitted it back in Nov. '12, but I don't believe anyone heard it. I will do some more for fun, but I'd like to try something much different than the usual games that get remixed. However, Sonic, MegaMan, and the Street Fighter series are always fun too. I may take a gander at some of the music from Street Fighter 2010 (NES). It was a pretty cool game back in the day!
  4. Hey, I'm Harold Jr. (OCR name: Jr(DoT) of SupaKool)I am an Applications Analyst by day and a Game music composer+producer by night (or whenever I'm not at work). I've been involved in creating original music since 2004 as a hobbyist and I've been following OCR for about 2 1/2 years. I started out with a demo version of Fruity Loops 3.56 and Reasons 3.0. I'm currently using FL Studio 10, Reasons 3.0, and Sonar X1. I have an ear for all types of music given that I've been involved in band from the 6th grade all the way through college. However, as of late I've decided to get back into creating
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