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  1. Hi, i made this track and would like some feedback if you have time. As the title mentions, this is an attempt at making something that's like a movie soundtrack or something Click here to listen.
  2. Won 97 straight fights in sruvival mode in the game X-Men vs Street Fighter for PSX. I so wanted to make it to 99
  3. Looking good OCR!

  4. Thanks for the idea. It's going to be a suspended ceiling so i was thinking using metal rods or something slimmer than 2x4 boards so i can make smaller holes in the ceiling panels. But i'll check for other possibilities. Could you tell me what diameter pipe you are/were using? I'm thinking of buying 60" long galvanized steel pipe with a 1" diameter. I don't know if its good enough for a solid yet comfortable grip or if 3/4" is good enough. I'll check that at the store.
  5. Hi, i'm looking forward to building myself a dips rack (station). I have seen a few models and was wondering if any of you guys and girls here built one, what materials you used and how you built it. I would also like to know how long a pull up/chin up bar should be. I know that for pull ups the grip is wider than chin ups. I would like to set one in the ceiling of my future gym room. My first idea is to have 2 metal rods with rings at the end coming down from the ceiling and slide another bar through those rings. What i do not want is to work with a door/door frame. If you have a simpler/easier way to do this or any tips in general i'd appreciate it
  6. Hi, me and my brother want to play together and we are looking for songs (video game or not) that aren't too hard to practice. I have started playing the piano in January so i'm not very good and my brother is more advanced than me. We were messing around last night playing over some Chrono Trigger songs and were thinking about practicing some songs. Our goal is that for a part of the song the guitar plays the backup melody while the piano takes the lead and the we exchange the roles for the other part of the song. We were thinking of playing some Mega Man songs but it's too fast for my current skills. Do you have any suggestions of songs where the chord progression aren't too fast and you would consider suited for a beginner piano enthusiast?
  7. Great work! This song is a breath of fresh air that caught my attention from the beginning and didn't let me go until the very end.
  8. It's a shame you linked to some Metal Gear Solid cause that's what
  9. This song makes me feel like a lot has been accomplished (first half of the song) but i need to forget about all of that right now because what is coming next will be serious, epic and awesome (second half). This one simply makes me feel good. The worst is behind me and i am looking at exciting and cheerful days tomorrow and every other day. Back in the days i used to play this game on my SNES and leave the game running after i beat it for 10-15 minutes maybe more i don`t remember. All i remember is that i loved this song and still do today. This one is a classic. This one is just a big bag of emotions from good and happy to sad. Reliving the story of the hero Ark and all he has been through. This song eases my mind because i stop thinking about the world and simply focus on the beauty of the melodies, composition etc. It relaxes me. This one again feels so calming and relaxing but i can`t really describe it...
  10. Hi Zircon thanks for all this info. 1. My daily activity is pretty much relax. I workout 3 times a week. I don't work in an office but my job doesn't involve a lot of physical effort. I do walk a lot trough the factory though. I'm 5'7 and i weight around 150 pounds. My TDEE is 2200 calories. I do have a fast metabolism. Also i'm a naturally stressed guy, does that burn more calories? 2. When i started working out i began checking my protein intake without counting but just generally increasing it. For example i buy all kind of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. If i have a bowl of cereal for example i will put in a fair amount of pumpkin seeds to up the proteins. I try to eat more meat, milk, etc. I used to love cottage cheese and it has good amount of proteins but i discovered that i was lactose intolerant so i cut down on dairy products. I should take some time to cook more eggs though. I pretty much stopped eating chips and almost never drink sodas. I mostly drink water, milk, juice, almost never alcohol. I work on the night shift so my 02:30 a.m. meal at work is not a huge one as i don't always have the appetite. 3. I used to workout for about 90 minutes per workout doing 24 different exercises 2 sets of 10-12 reps. Now i cut that in half because i read that workouts shouldn't exceed 40-45 minutes not to over train. I know do 12 exercises 10-12 reps. This also helped in reducing/removing pain i had in my left elbow. I workout at home with dumbbells/body weight. I started with 10lbs dumbbells for about a month then it became easy so i moved on to 15lbs. Recently started with the 20lbs one. I think the problem is that i am not lifting heavy so my body only responds to endurance type training. I also started doing 30 minutes of stationary bike after my muscle workouts because i want to improve my cardio as well. After the workout i feel tired and my muscles are aching a bit but they are not sore after i sleep. I tried working out with more intensity but i didn't feel well afterwards, almost puked. What do you recommend for resting times between reps and between sets? I would like to increase the intensity a bit but i would like to do it efficiently. 4. Sleep is a major issue and must be the main reason (combined with not lifting heavy enough) why i don't see results. As i mentioned before i work on the night shift so the sleep hours aren't optimal. On good days i can get 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep. Some days i only get 3 to 4 hours. Does the sleeping need to be continuous? If take a 90 minute nap when i get home from work and sleep 5 or 6 hours later in the day is it as beneficial as sleeping 7.5 hours in a row? Thanks to anyone who can help me or give some directions with this and thanks RealFolkBlues for that front raises precision
  11. Hi. So i started working out a few months ago back in mid October and have been doing so 3 times a week ever since. I don't go to the gym, i workout at home. I believe i am what is called a hard gainer but i'm not gonna quit just because results aren't there. I do feel a difference in my energy level and strength in general but my looks meh... not so much. I have started watching some AthleanX videos and i think the guy knows about what he is talking about. Any of you guys know or follow that guy or think that he doesn't make any sense? Also i wanted to know if there was a difference between front raises to shoulder height and front raises to ceiling, both with dumbells. Is it useful to do both exercises or not? Thanks
  12. After a bit of research and a lot of reading i'm starting to think that i will have to save up a bit of money to get something more expansive and of better quality. I'm looking for a few more features like 88 fully weighted keys and some aftertouch. I'm still looking in the used market but so far i haven't found anything to my liking. I will continue searching in the used market but at the same time my eyes are set on the Akai MPK88. I'm still looking at other options though.
  13. This sounds to me like a quiz show theme song from the late 80s or 90s but i had no luck finding anything. Initially i thought this was a theme for a WWF wrestler from when i was a kid but after listening to a long playlist of wrestler themes i haven't found anything either. Good luck finding it
  14. Hi everyone. So i began taking some piano lessons a while back and there's quite a difference between when i go to my lessons and play on a real piano and when i practice at home with my Acorn Masterkey 49. I was thinking about changing my midi keyboard and was wondering if there was something not too expensive that would be close to the feeling of playing a real piano. I'm looking for a keyboard that has 88 keys and i don't need it to have a ton of knobs/wheels. I don't know much about semi-weighted versus fully weighted keys. So far i have found the Alesis Q88 and the M-Audio Keystation 88ES. They both sell for 199$ canadian and are both semi-weighted. Does anybody own these keyboards and can comment on them or could you recommend something else? As for price range i'm not a rich guy but if its worth saving up for a better product then i would go for that option. Thanks for your input.
  15. Hi, this song popped up in my head some time ago and i didn't remember which MM game it was from so i did a little research. The song is called Operation! and is the main battle theme. Here's the link . Thank you for checking it out
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