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    Everything I remix I do by ear (as a method to help improve my general musical ability, and also because I find it oddly fun), so I'm afraid no sheet music for any of my songs has ever been made.

    If anyone needs help with piano arranging for something that doesn't originally use pianos, I'm your man. Possibly.
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  1. Nah, I saw it, just wasn't gonna let it interfere with the ones I was doing at that time. (Trying to sneak a track into my reviews, are we? :P) When logged in, you see which threads you've responded to and which ones you haven't. Do a search for mod review threads and you should see how easy it is to find ones you haven't posted in. That's what I do, at least when it's been a month since last time I did any, and I've been away over holidays and stuff.

    I'll get to yours eventually, unless another mod gets there first and I don't have anything to add. :D