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  1. I never heard Giacamo's voice acting. It infuriated me by the time I got to Gibari. So I turned it off.
  2. I had that about a week then got rid of it. What a pile of pooh that game was. And yes, that boss was hard. In fact, I don't think I ever beet him without using the all weapons/infinite ammo cheat. Just couldn't work out how to beat him.
  3. I love this track. I didn't pay attention to the source song so I was scratching my head trying to work out what song its of. Then it twigged and I found my self liking it even more. People of the Far North is my favourite tune from FFX. Brilliant.
  4. Eyedol on Killer Instinct on Hard is Hard. He whooped me in a one whole combo. I didn't even get a hit in.
  5. I have to say I never downloaded songs from games I'd never played before, let alone heard of, but I decided recently to start doing so and I'm glad I did. This tune is truly awesome. When the beat came in at about 0.48 I immediately thought of Enigma, gave my skin a heat rash from the adrenlin pumping throuh it. Its funny how music can do that to you sometimes. Excellent track.
  6. HAHA, Omega Weapon is Easy (FF8). Just make sure your characters have 255 agility with auto haste and put the game battle speed on slowest. Use auras and you get at least 6 or 9 limit breaks in one of his attacks. Easy. You could make it really hard by putting the speed on max. Then he will hit you around 3 times before you even think of your next move I saw my friend get whooped by Omega Weapon (FF5 I think, could be FF4). I never fought it but that could be one of the hardest bosses of all time. It looked as so from where I was sitted. I gave up trying to complete Metroid Prime on Hard cause of the massive Pirate thing (can't remember his name). That was a hard battle. I don't even wonna attempt Meta Ridley. Uh uh, no way.
  7. How is Sephiroth on FFVII hard when you're lvl 99. If you wanna make it hard. Be no higher than lvl 60 and use no materia whatsoever. Thats a challenge. I just recently finished Mario and Luigi Superstars on GBA. How nasty is Cackletta at the end. You start with 1HP each and have to dodge some of her attacks before you even get a chance to heal. I died about 5 or 6 times before I could blink. That was hard.
  8. Not the Hardest boss but one of my most 'pain in the ass miniboss'. The Tyrant on the plane in Code Veronica, damn bastard knocking me out the back. Georgia (I think thats his name. The zombie boss in FF8) whilst playing a no Junction game. I gave up on this because of him, oh and Sephiroth at the end of FF7 in a no Materia battle, thats pretty hard. Sturm on Advance Wars on hard. And Advance wars 2 on Normal. The Last mission on AW2 on hard I found easier than on Normal And it just came to me. Penance on FF10. aaahhh, took me near 2 hours to beat that bastard. Well more like 8 hours if you include all the times he killed me and I had to start over. Just completed RE4 on pro. 4th play through. Love that game.
  9. Has anyone ever beaten M.Bison on 8 star rating on Street Fighter 2 Turbo Snes. I couldn't beat him on 3 star. So you might consider that a hard fight. PS. I'm crap at beat'em'ups
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