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  1. Around a year ago i created a remix of a Turrican 1 track (which i posted here) which was followed by 2 other remixes from Turrican 2 (which I didn't posted here). Almost exactly 12 months later I started working on another Turrican Remix and today I present you the remix of one of my all time favourite game music tracks: Turrican's 2 Title Theme "The final Fight". (Original Track: Like in my former Turrican Remixes, I wanted to capture the exact same mood and "style" of the original track. I made no changes to the composition, everything is basically just like the original except for the instruments and the sound quality. I wanted a remix that sounds like the original but just with modern "capabilities". Although I highly enjoyed Hülsbecks remixes featured in his Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, i didn't felt like it came from the Amiga for me and thats what i tried to archieve with my remix. I actually wanted to create a proper remix of this track for a long time and finally decided to do one. Although the track was quite exhausting to remix, i had a lot of fun with it and i'm quite happy how it turned out, it's definitively one of my favourite creations and is my personal tribute to one of the greatest composers of all time: Chris Hülsbeck. In case you're interested in my other Turrican Remixes, here's a link to my soundcloud Turrican Remix Album:
  2. Here's my remix of Level 3-2 from Turrican 1. I've been listening a lot to the original track the last few days and I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to create a remix... I wasn't sure with my choice of instruments at first but I'm really happy how they sound now (after some tweaks and library surfing). I tried to recreate the original bass instrument sound but this is as close as I got and I think it fits in very well into the general style of the remix. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this remix: Btw. I'm not sure which genre this remix fits in. I would say it's some sort of synthwave but i'm not sure which sub-genre... Link to the original Track:
  3. Thanks again! Okay a new version is uploaded. I changed the break part altough iam not sure if it sounds bad or good.^^ Haven't changed much on the kicks - just modified the EQ a bit and remade the kick part beginning at 2:50.
  4. Okay, i uploaded a new version. Added a break, changed some drums and added here and there some things.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I never did a remix with this magnitude before (actually this is my second remix) and iam better in composing own music than in remixes. Btw iam not very happy with the lead instrument (FG Pure Drama preset of the Sawer vsti), hopefully i will find a better one. Anyway ill try to add a break and keep the post here updated.
  6. Ive updated the track once again with a better intro and an updated ending.
  7. Hi OCR Community! I made this track some months ago - oh wait, actually almost a year ago - time passes fast these days... Its inspired by the Soundtrack of Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Its not as good as the music of BCR2 but iam still very happy with the result:
  8. Yo Guys, sorry for the late reply but thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a revised version of the song taking account of your feedback. I hope youre happier with the new version. (The old remix is still online, if you want to compare)
  9. Hi OCRemix Community! I always loved the Highwind Theme of FF7 and a year ago ive started working on this trance remix and worked on it from time to time. Now i decided to register and post it here. Please tell me what you think. (new) (old)