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  1. Thank you, and yes I plan on adding more, it's just that I'm thinking about what next to add. I've been working on my piano skills itself and not on composition lately. I'm thinking about a full out symphony for the next part or some sort of interlude. I'll keep in touch with you guys when I finish the piece.
  2. Not bad, not bad at all. I like what you did with the drums. I would just expand it, you know, make it longer, more of a song rather than a one minute bit. Keep up the good work! Crit back in signature
  3. Nice, has some really good beats to it! You should add a didgeridoo! But on a serious note, it sounds like something that could be on Street Fighter, good job! crit back: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39748
  4. Really good, I'm usually not a huge fan of 8bit music, but I actually liked it. Crit mine back: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39748
  5. My friend had garageband so I just plugged in a keyboard and used grand piano, a string ensemble (both of which comes with garageband), and we downloaded and used a choir synth... Sorry I can't expound to much on it, my friend really took care of the garageband part. It was my first time working with MIDI so I just played the parts and watched him do his stuff on garageband.
  6. It's still up, try this link: https://www.box.com/s/7c6c507731025d334ea3 If that doesn't work try this:http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/theunforgivn/
  7. Really good! I would maybe add some synth strings for some spice. Could you crit mine back? http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39748
  8. A dirge is like a funeral song, usually very somber. A requiem is a song usually dedicated to the dead
  9. https://www.box.com/files/0/f/265858913/1/f_2087338905 It's not very long but again, it's a work in progress. I'm not sure whether it would be considered a dirge or a requiem, depends on whom it is addressed too I guess. This is my first "could be considered done" song, some feedback would be helpful If that link doesn't work try this: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/theunforgivn/
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