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    I am pursuing a career in composition in video games, however, I will also do movies, commercials, and anything of that nature.
    Once I obtain the correct equipment and familiarize myself with it, I will be ready to work
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  1. Thank you, and yes I plan on adding more, it's just that I'm thinking about what next to add. I've been working on my piano skills itself and not on composition lately. I'm thinking about a full out symphony for the next part or some sort of interlude. I'll keep in touch with you guys when I finish the piece.
  2. Not bad, not bad at all. I like what you did with the drums. I would just expand it, you know, make it longer, more of a song rather than a one minute bit. Keep up the good work! Crit back in signature
  3. I'm going to try and continue with it.
  4. Nice, has some really good beats to it! You should add a didgeridoo! But on a serious note, it sounds like something that could be on Street Fighter, good job! crit back:
  5. Really good, I'm usually not a huge fan of 8bit music, but I actually liked it. Crit mine back:
  6. My friend had garageband so I just plugged in a keyboard and used grand piano, a string ensemble (both of which comes with garageband), and we downloaded and used a choir synth... Sorry I can't expound to much on it, my friend really took care of the garageband part. It was my first time working with MIDI so I just played the parts and watched him do his stuff on garageband.
  7. It's still up, try this link: If that doesn't work try this:
  8. Really good! I would maybe add some synth strings for some spice. Could you crit mine back?
  9. A dirge is like a funeral song, usually very somber. A requiem is a song usually dedicated to the dead
  10. It's not very long but again, it's a work in progress. I'm not sure whether it would be considered a dirge or a requiem, depends on whom it is addressed too I guess. This is my first "could be considered done" song, some feedback would be helpful If that link doesn't work try this: