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  1. No expert comments here - I really enjoyed it! Though for some reason the repeated A in the bass line of the main verse (excuse my lack of correct terminology) throws me off; I guess I'm too used to the original where it was C-A instead.
  2. I only got a pass for Saturday. Planning to go to the music panel even though I haven't played any of the games that these composers have worked on [failure of a gamer I am...].
  3. Sakuraba wrote the music in over half the games I've played...which means I've played too many Tales games Anyway he writes some of the best battle themes. Even if sometimes they sound similar to each other, they still rock. His other stuff is solid usually. I think my favorite of his works is Valkyrie Profile and Tales of Phantasia.
  4. I third this rec. The soundtrack is awesome and deserves some remixes.
  5. Hello, I'm Riulyn and I've known about this site for years but never really thought about joining an online community that appreciated videogame music until now. My main connection to videogames at the moment is transcribing their music for piano [i sadly spend more time working on transcriptions than playing videogames]. I would like to submit some remixes at some point but I lack the equipment or the funds to make anything that sounds nice. I think I'll mostly be lurking and occasionally checking out people's WIPs. I'm pretty obsessive over the Suikoden series so if you make a Suikoden ReMix I'm sure I'll listen to it at least once.
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