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  1. OK, since I have gotten as far as I have with the Text Music I figured I would pay a little more attention to Slough of Despair. I had a new idea for it..

    The original WIP I presented in the other thread


    The new idea

    Please don't mind the technical glitches and I have no idea what the mixing sounds like since I am on poor speakers and headphones at the moment... I will continue to work on this today... I think...

  2. Larsec PMd me in IRC with some good news. I hope he doesn't mind if I share it.

    Not at all...

    I need to work out some variation on the drums but other than that the track is ready for BETA (minus the vocals that is). I wrote the lyrics which are singable and somewhat coherent and I expect to move on with the vocals early next week (when Mahoney will be availible once again)...

    I will be PMing you shortly, Mythril Nazgul...

  3. What say you both to that?

    At this point in time, I don't like that idea, but that might change when I hear what TO is doing. I still think the idea i proposed is better but it's your call, MN, and if there will only be room for one mix in the end I'll pull mine out, since I wasn't supposed to be working on it in the first place :)

  4. Also, i added Larsec as another remixer of the Text theme

    I don't know if there is any size or length limits to this project but in principal you could have 4 text music remixes since there are 4 episodes and the theme playes at the end of each one (Right? Can't remember for sure). So, given that they varied enough from eachother, wouldn't it be possible to include both TO's and my own (and Bart Klepta's if that is indeed the song he is working on)?

    My own has kind of an "The End" feel to it, so that could work as the last one...

  5. I'll be interested in the text music until project's end... Infact, I am already working on it because I felt I had to, whether for the project or not... So if it could be worked around E3M2 could be yours, if you so desire and we all reach agreement... If not, I'll just continue working on Slough of Despair...

  6. according to that site, suzumebachi had the text music. Bart Klepka had the bunny music (which was the end of episode 3)

    If I press the Text Music on that site it plays a midi that is the same as the d_victory midi from the zip file... Which probably means Suzu and Bart were working on remixes of the same midi...

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