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  1. I would also like to claim 'The Stage is Set' then. Already sent an audtion.
  2. I would like to join the project and do a mix of 'Starting Up'. It doesn't appear to have been claimed yet. I have had a track on another remix project, I don't know if that counts as having a remix posted. Though, I don't mind submitting an audition Edit: ...or maybe 'Starting Up' isn't supposed to be part of the project...?
  3. Yes, I could do that... and I will. In fact I have talked it over with Juha and we won't be doing The Waste Tunnels anyway, so that's up for grabs. On top of that I will also give up the other 2 tracks I am working on. Which makes all 3 tracks I have been involved in availible for the community to remix for this project and, as a result, ends my participation in this project. You may remove my name from the organiser and remixer lists, thank you...
  4. How bout it Larsec? Would you be willing to give up track 28 or 30 for me and another remixer from DSoP project (that is not already involved in this current project . . . .cough, ANALOG!, cough, cough) to work together on? Something like, um . . . . "ICON OF SIN"!!? Hola back Larsec (Analog too if you're interested) Apparently, I never sent the invitation to you, I'm sorry Although, it seems Analog did get one. I would hate to give up those 2 tracks because I have some great ideas for both (at least in my own opinion). Would you be interested in The Waste Tunnels?
  5. Just realized I haven't posted in this thread yet, which is rather pathetic actually. Well, me not posting is pathetic, not the thread...
  6. Well, looking at the playlist from the last show, does that mean you didn't play the Visa Röster tracks last weekend?
  7. No complaints here... I am looking forward to this one
  8. Someone pointed this out in IRC. SUBLIMINAL JUDGEHATE IN THE DOOM PROJECT?!!!? ...yes...
  9. You're most welcome... And thank you... And thanks to TO as well
  10. Darkness Dawning Night is near, beginning ending Dawning dark the skies are sending Cry of black and cry of sorrow End og light and end of morrow From without the night is calling From within the night is mauling Single sign of darkness dawning Wretched light of darkness morning Evil hears and evil watches Evil know and evil judges Brings to bloom the darkest flower This will be the darkest hour From the dust and soil awaken spirits lost and souls forsaken They will rise from over yonder They will fly and they will wander Through the flames I see them coming Through the flames I see them longing They have come to end the living Unforetold and unforgiving They are here, they crave, they hunger With the damned the nights grow longer Twisted limbs and twisted faces Demons from the darkest places But have no fear, I've come to save you Trust in me that's all you can do I lay to rest your fear and worry Come to me! Come on, let's hurry! This is where you find your ending Welcome to a death so mending You try to scream, your life is dimming cause I'm from Hell and DOOM I'm bringing!
  11. My decision to place larsec's track right afterwards was based on the general idea that, in many cases, after a movie is over, there is a vocal track over the credits - maybe the main theme song or something like that. I felt like Larsec's track, with the dark yet hopeful lyrics, fit well as a "Credit Roll" sort of deal. If you disagree, that's perfectly fine. I know that this project won't please EVERYONE who listens to it and I understand that. The way I thought it out and planned the lyrics was to have someone tell a story, a very dark and disturbing story. Then at "Through the flames I see them coming" the listener becomes aware that the story teller is actually a part of the story. The story keeps darkening and prospects for the future look bleak. Then the story teller says she will save you, to come to her and be safe, to rest at ease... But it turns out to be a trick. She is actually part of the forces of Darkness and now, that she has lured the listener in, the listner will surely die...
  12. Quoted for great justice. I´m in. After the work you have done on DSoP, I was hoping you would say that
  13. Guys, I talked it over with MN and if no one beats me to it, once the dust settles around DSoP (at least a month), I'm going to try and start up a Doom 2 remix project. I haven't planned anything yet, but I'm looking to see if there is interest in it and if people are willing to devote their time and attention to it. I would like to make it happen...
  14. Actually, wouldn't it be cooler if the release was on post 999, rather than 1000? Kinda like a reversed 666... Oh dear, I'm babbling...
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