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  1. Yes depth! That's the word! However... I can hear the problem through monitors but it's very noticeable when I listen to my track through headphones... And that's the real reason why I started this thread. So I'm not sure if what you said applies to my problem. It's hard to describe...everything is clear and each instrument has it's own space but it still just sounds "whack". I pinned the blame on depth because well... Everything affects depth. How the instruments were recorded, how everything was EQ'd, Reverb, lack of Reverb. I would imagine everything is all over the place depth-wise Which is how I would describe my track..."all over the place" I would try to fix it...but I don't have perspective. I have no reference. So I'm asking what others do... If others even have this problem that is.
  2. I have everything just the way I like it left to right... And top to bottom... But when it comes to front and back... It sounds off. I tried to fix it...but I'm just not experienced enough to know what I am hearing. How do you calibrate something like this?
  3. Space huh? To me it sounded like the Winchester Mystery House was floating in some alternate reality. The low strings and their roughness makes gives off a very old feel...and you can't help but think of wood either... so old wood, then the mysterious vibe...you get old haunted house. That's what I got anyways.
  4. Hey no problem, it was easy and relaxing.
  5. When I clicked on this I was skeptical on just how chill your beat actually was...but it only took me 10 secs of listening for me to say...."Oh yeah...that's chill" And it's just my style too...beats that play the same chill thing over and over again are dope...but I prefer beats like this that take you somewhere instead. Great Stuff.
  6. Holy smokes...at first I wasn't very interested...but then when you added that bass line; that's when things got very exciting. I also loved when you would briefly cut the background music and then bring it back in a moment later...I'm a sucker for that. Very much enjoyed that 5:21. It was pretty amazing!
  7. Wow...that was actually pretty cool =O The chords sound very mysterious and beautiful and the changes in pace kept things very interesting. It's also short and sweet; so much in so little time. I couldn't help but to listen to it again and again. Excellent Work!
  8. It's finished! To me anyways...the link has been updated with the newest version.
  9. Hmm...the low strings are definitely better than the sub bass you had before. But to be honest I dislike the general idea of this. However that is just my opinion...Objectively the only thing I can add is that the melodic lines need accents. Right now the rhythm is unclear and it just sounds like a slur of notes. Also...it might be a little off the beat in some places but I'm really not sure. If it is it's by an almost unnoticeable hair...whatever it is, it's just not clicking.
  10. It's definitely a Krozoa theme. Most likely the track that plays at Krozoa Palace.
  11. Hey no problem! What with an ill track like that? It was easy...if anything I should be thanking you! So yeah man....thanks for keeping the art alive. ~Bert
  12. The link has been updated with what I have so far...hopefully the next update will be what I consider to be finished.
  13. 1:00 That part is full of win. It's such a soothing yet energetic passage. But this doesn't take away from the overall dramatic feel of the track. I can definitely see a tough battle, a battle where one barely succeeds. Very Nice! *thumbs up*
  14. Yeaaah man, the energy is great! You get a good recording of just you with that guitar and I'd listen to that. The chord progression is unique and your strange voice kind of gives it this surreal vibe. As for the vocals When it comes to lyrics I'm not a go to person....really if it rhymes it'll make me happy... however I can say that the vocals have flow, and that it works. The song was written very well. Nice job! In fact, I think I'm going to go ahead and Hear It Again
  15. Hey yo...THAT SHIT WAS DOPE!! *ahem* There just aren't enough beats in 3/4, and you used real drum samples... that's always a plus. I think you just won the chillest track of the week award in my book. So yeah...not much else to say...Keep it up man. ~Bert
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