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  1. I never played the old shooter games, but I saw some SNES music website praise Axelay for its great music, and that got me converted to Axelay music. The sound quality is pitiful, but the melodies are grand. I will definitely second the request for more Axelay remixes (besides Unkai, which was already done). Now I feel inspired to listen to other shooters, too... even though I'll probably never play the games. I'll think go and download the spcs for Space MegaForce, Super R-Type, U.N. Squadron, Gradius, Super Earth Defense, and Thunder Force (Spirits?), and Parodius.... if they're available, that is.
  2. This piece would have been PERFECT if it concluded at the 3-4 minute mark... the last 2 get pretty stale. For me, that staleness holds it back so much I am considering using Audacity to cut out a large portion of it for my own personal listening. I've heard a lot mixes, and quite frankly....THAT INTRO... nothing comes close to that on the epic scale and overall sound quality, between the suspended cymbal kick-off, the reverbing piano, and the parallel 6ths of whatever-that-sample-is. I nearly wet my pants every time I hear it.
  3. It may not be the best "sounding" Terra remix, but it is by far, far, far the most original of them all. Personally, I think the string intro is the weakest portion (agh fake strings!), but thankfully it's over in about 10 seconds. The 6/8 is a key component to its excellence, yes. But, it also has another unique thing: an actual counter-melody! I'm an instant fan of this one. Well done, Alex.
  4. I know the thread is old, but... Could that be a "Flight of the Bumblebee" reference at 3:55? The remix imitates the first 8 notes so of that piece's chromatic introduction. Whether that was intentional or not, it's very fitting and gives even more reason to love this mix!
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