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    After a saxophone and a laptop joined my party, I set out on a journey to create game audio and game related music.

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  1. A soundtrack-like electronic tune developed in a dj-jam. I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/tneko/moonrise
  2. Hi folks First I have to say: great site, great stuff, very helpful and interesting! I'm very glad I landed here About me: I'm almost finished studying jazz saxophone (and finally bought a good saxophone mic, so if you ever need a saxophone sample just ask ) Since I was a kid I was very fascinated with video games especially the audio part but I never found the time to dig really deep into game music production (practicing saxophone eats a damn lot of time you know…) but since last summer I spent more and more time for writing, producing, remixing etc. (I also got my first project and in two weeks I go with my jazzband into the studio to record the soundtrack for this amazing game http://www.mariov.ch/mirage/, wuhuuu! a first impression can be found here http://soundcloud.com/andibissig/die-entstehung-des-hutes) so I've really just begun in the business but I guess there is no way back now so if anyone of you has a bit of spare time, I would be very grateful if you could listen to my works on http://soundcloud.com/tneko and give me some advice, tips, etc thanks a lot and let's make the virtual world a better one with good audio!
  3. sorry I postet in the wrong place... It's now in your PM inbox

  4. a remix of jim guthrie's com64 needs to get remastered. any ideas? http://soundcloud.com/tneko/com64-cats-hate-rain-remix
  5. In an alternate universe Portal was a game for the Super Nes. The ending theme was slightly different and really ahead of it's time hope you like it! http://andibissig.bandcamp.com/track/the-cake