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    I can't imagine that there won't be remixes of some of the tracks - already the game has spawned a mini-remixing scene. My favorites from the OST were Bonetrousle, ASGORE's theme, Waterfall, and of course (which is, itself, a remix of a remix of a track edited into a fanhack of Earthbound - all by the same artist over the years). Some of the remixes and covers that are already out are pretty good too, . I certainly wouldn't be surprised to hear folks considering doing some mixes of some of the tracks in the game. There's quite a lot of them to choose from with the 101 tracks the game comes with.
  2. Motherly; it almost reaches out from the speakers to embrace the listener as the song spins its tale. Beautiful performance, lyrics, and accompanying video. Truly one of the best remixes to have come out of OCR in all the years I've been listening. I hope they're proud of the piece - they ought be.
  3. Private Messages should be going out today to contact those who got through to the next, and final, round of auditioning. I want to thank everyone who applied once more: By and large, we were impressed by the spirit and quality of your submissions, but there can only be a handful of folks who we can offer a potential position on this OST. I'm impressed at what talent we can pull out of OCRemix's community. Keep it up, everyone!
  4. sorry I postet in the wrong place... It's now in your PM inbox

  5. Alright, folks I'm going to end the application acceptance period at midnight (CST) on this coming Sunday. Past that time, I won't be accepting any new applications or auditions as consideration for the chance of a paid contract position for our upcoming game. Thanks to you all for keeping the thread lively and keeping me posted on your auditions. I very much look forward to getting in contact with most of you in the coming days and wish everyone good luck.
  6. Just to reiterate: Entries are open tomorrow and will likely continue to be open until Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I will post one day in advance when the entries are to close.
  7. Sure! About our last project Our previous project has netted more than 60k units sold (most at $3.65 or $20) and is available on just about any digital distribution platform. We even were able to find a distributor for our boxed release in Europe and almost got a boxed release in the United States until the company behind that release failed to deliver. Unlike our last project, which we had to launch before it was ready due to lack of capital, we intend to launch this next project with a complete and bug-free Day-0 (crossed fingers). Despite the early launch, the game's sales were strong enough to keep our company alive and with enough budget to launch another game; most attribute this to that we were upfront about it months in advance and actively worked on, added to, and patched the game for almost 2 full years for free as well as provided support for modders and made modding the game as painless as possible. This was our previous title: http://starruler.blind-mind.com/ The game's full soundtrack is available for (EDIT: Apparently $1 now) on bandcamp, by the game's composer Artem Bank (who was also from the OC Remix community). I really do like most of the game's soundtrack, except for the game's own theme (ha!) which we just never got around to making a better one for. [OST] http://artembank.bandcamp.com/album/star-ruler [EXP] http://artembank.bandcamp.com/album/popstar-ruler [My top 3 picks] http://artembank.bandcamp.com/track/this-is-my-empire-these-cities-among-the-stars http://artembank.bandcamp.com/track/city-in-the-stars http://artembank.bandcamp.com/track/nova About Me and Blind Mind Studios Blind Mind Studios is an independent, non-published, 3 non-industry-veteran member LLC. I live in Texas, the boss (ThyReaper) lives in West Virginia, and Lucas (GGLucas) lives in the Netherlands. I handle the company's PR, some HR, and marketing. Despite our lack of experience in the industry, we each have a wealth of background skills and expertise as well as the willingness to pull 60+ hour weeks every week and almost excessively minimal salary. My job as a game maker in the company is ... difficult to explain. Basically, if it doesn't involve engine code then it's either partly or fully my job when it doesn't fall to independent contractors (e.g. our 3d art and music). My background is in level design, but I'm a pretty flexible jack-of-all-trades sort of guy, so I do what I can for the others where I'm able.
  8. Certainly. Entries are definitely going to be open until this Friday to next Monday. There will still only be 10 who we decide to contact from the batch, but who is in the top 10 depends on talent, overall fit, quality, and style.
  9. Thanks. Will be taking a look later on today. Edit: This brings the total number of applicants to ten. From here on out, it's a real competition! We wish anyone yet to join up: Good luck!
  10. Alright then, I'm updating the OP for what we're not hunting for. EDIT: Updated.
  11. Would you be alright with examples of what not to include instead? I don't think you're an asshole. I think, as you say, you're just trying not to waste time because unless you're getting paid for it it's a lot of time investment for only a potential return (read: if you get selected). This is partly why I'm absolutely fine with prior work as an entry. Probably none of the tracks produced here for audition purposes will we try to claim for the game so licensing and etc concerns shouldn't be much an issue. Sharing your tracks with the public could be an issue however so please watch yourselves as you submit. We don't want anyone getting in trouble with their prior employers/studios/publishers over a public demonstration of music which you might not have the rights to.
  12. We definitely will consider already made tracks; we don't require tracks made specifically for the purposes of this audition. We're searching for talent, not our first track, so you can also provide work for your audition that we couldn't use in our project due to contractual/legal obligations. Big and Empty Spaces more describes the visual component of the game; what your work would be supporting. It's a replacement for the specific genre/etc. because we haven't announced anything regarding our next title, so we have to keep it vague. We're looking for interpretations of lonely/empty sounding spaces, solemn/royal themes, and ominous/dark pieces; both synthish and orchestral sounds fit for the game's theme, either alone or mixed together in any fashion. I'm interested in being potentially surprised by a genre/approach that I hadn't considered for the game. Since we haven't decided on the specific sound of the game, we're casting a wide net, which is why I'm trying to avoid providing specific examples. I'm aware this is a handicap and I am taking that handicap into consideration as I listen to any auditions. Is that unreasonable?
  13. Thanks for the audition, Omni-Psyence. Took the liberty of snooping around your soundcloud as well. Good stuff. I won't be making any immediate decisions on who to bring on-board if anyone, so everyone: Feel free to add your tracks. We'll be contacting the top 10 ranking artists from the pool of applicants in about a week or two regarding possible contract work so get your audition in before next week if you want to be considered.
  14. Applications are closed. Thanks everyone for applying! We'll be listening and getting back to some of you very soon. This may lead to a paid position. We would like to hear your best shots to compete for the chance to compose 60-120 minutes of original audio (paid/contract work) for Blind Mind Studio's second game. Next week we'll be pulling entries to assemble a 'top 10' list. From that list we'll start contacting those who auditioned and providing more background on the project you'd be working for and so forth. At the moment, we're just looking for people of talent. Genres we're looking to hear: * Ambient * Electronica (Light) * Rock (Light-Moderate) * Orchestral (Strings/Wind/Big Band) * Choral (Back-up/Chamber) * any genre you think you can convince us works. What we're not looking for: * Chiptunes (Sorry ) * IDM/Dubstep/Industrial * Club/Dance music (Looking more for light synth than hard synth) * Conventional/Modern Lyrics (If you do choral we'd probably direct you towards gregorian chant-esque pieces; not a hard and fast direction, but a suggestion on what we're expecting to hear) Some example themes that apply to our game: * lonely/empty sounding space * solemn and passionate royal themes * ominous/dark music * grand, swelling, themes We're looking for pieces to judge and if we like what we hear, we'll be getting back to you via Private Message or e-mail at your preference (leave which you prefer in your post). Prior work is absolutely accepted. I will stress again that this is an offer for a potentially paid contract position for a large volume of audio. We're looking for serious, enthusiastic, musicians and will have high standards of entry. We look forward to hearing your work!
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