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    I’m a human male, being from a cold country, currently relocated to another where I do try to plunder and pillage whenever I can.

    I’m interested in everything nerdlike, music, anime, games of all sorts include that of the table and board.
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    Robin Johansson
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    Mobile QA Tester, Viking

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  1. Cooool, I just got back from work so time to tinker a bit. Thanks so much for the help/input!
  2. Heya everyone, Me and my buddy are trying to create a guitar track to replace a vocal track (we have the track both in vocal and instrumental form), but I'm having difficulties making the guitar blend properly with the rest of the song. Unfortunately we're in a situation where we don't have access to original stems, so the instrumental is the best we got. Perhaps a bit of an unusual case, currently trying to play around with some mixing, anyone here that may have experience or ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey everyone! Long time listener, first time poster. Bass guitarist trying to break into solo-work, I decided to try an easy cover. I would greatly appreciate feedback ('specially on the mix), and please let me know if there's a more appropriate place for posting this: https://soundcloud.com/doombeard-viking/underneath-the-rotting-pizza-wip-cover Thanks in advance!
  4. )Heyo! I've been trying to stitch together a cover of this in order to help me get better at drum programming, but one part of the percussion completely baffles me. The "splashy" shakers during the verse (0:06-0:30, 0:54-1:19 etc)...tambourines? Cymbals? I've tried to layer a few of them together to get pretty close to the sound in question but hit a brick wall. Any input would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!
  5. 1. Amaterasu 2. PaRappa 3. Pikachu Man, if it would've been Reyn from Xenoblade that'd been my nr 1!
  6. Wow man, listening to that piece is pretty damn inspiring. Good trick, I'll definitely try that, maybe I've just gotten too "stuck" on this one set style. And thanks to all you other dudes/dudettes, got some ideas balling around now.
  7. Hey there, long time lurker, first time poster! Been playing music for quite some time, avid gamer and decided to try my hand on remixing. Started out with a short piece (main melody is 30-45 seconds) and I've added some newly created melodies, but find myself a bit stuck. Considered bringing in another song to the remix to allow for fleshing out of the piece, but any other ideas? How d'ya guys usually approach remixing a shorter piece to keep it a remix and not add -too- much new, but still making it fresh? Thanks for your time!
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