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  1. Bumping this just to drop the link to the podcast (http://bit.ly/1lkYpk4) and congratulate all the artists involved with both SZRC editions. Big time congrats to Ben Briggs who got the top voted track, Trash FM! Can't wait for the next edition of the SZRC!
  2. My apologies! My inbox had a few messages cleared, so go ahead and PM me!

  3. Hello, Gario! I wanted to ask you something related to the upcoming SZRC Special on RadioSEGA this Monday but your PM inbox is full. Wanted to ask you for a bumper for the special show. Please get back to me if you see this. Thanks!

  4. Monday, at 8pm UK (9pm Central Europe/3pm Eastern/2pm Central/12pm Pacific). Also, I sent all remixers with tracks on the Top 40 a PM here so please check it out.
  5. Hello remixers! I'm back with the result of both polls and the link to the final poll that will determine in what order all 40 tracks will rank. First of all, I'd like to apologize to ladyWildfire, because for some reason, her track 'Endless Mind' wasn't showing on the 2014 poll and by the time I noticed it, it was too late to do anything. The track will be used for something else during the show, but I'm really sorry for this mistake. Now for the most voted artists on the 2014 poll: Amphibious Arceace Flexstyle halc Ivan Hakstok jnWake ladyWildfire Phonetic Hero Sir_NutS SuperiorX TheGuitah
  6. Hello everyone! As promised, after two weeks of voting, the 2012 poll is now closed. So, without revealing what the 20 most voted tracks are, it's time to congratulate the following artists, who will be a part of the 23rd of June Special: AkumajoBelmont Amphibious AMT Ben Briggs Brandon Strader Chernabogue Gario halc Ivan Hakstock ladyWildfire Main Finger Phonetic Hero Rexy SuperiorX As you can probably guess, some of these remixers have more than one track on the top 20. Now, without further ado, here's the link for the 2014 poll, which will be made available to the general public tomorrow
  7. Double post to let you all know the first poll, for the 2012 edition, is now up here: SZRC 2012 Poll It'll be open until 25th May at midnight GMT.
  8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about the upcoming RadioSEGA special show on June 23rd (Sonic's birthday). Some of you were probably listening to Rexy's SEGA Mixer Drive a few weeks back when the idea of having a special show dedicated to the SZRC was suggested. Well, it's happening! On June 23rd, a Monday, we'll be dedicating an episode of RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown to the 40 best SZRC tracks, as voted by the public. This means we'll put up a couple of polls in the coming weeks and have people vote for their favourite tracks from each edition of the SZRC. We'll end up with 20
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