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    I've lived in eastern Long Island, NY for the entirety of my life. I attended Stony Brook University as a Biology and Business double major and LIU: CW Post for my Business MBA. Gaming and music have always been two of my most devoted passions and pervade the entirety of my life. I love projects, especially those of a creative nature. I've been a devoted fan of OC Remix since its beginning, but only recently decided to join the forums. I can attribute this to a conversation with OA at PAX 2011! I feel a little bit out of place as my music experience only extends to several years of secondary education and a couple of classes in college. My love of gaming music started when I was very young as I remember using cassettes to tape music off the television. Ever since then, I've always been one of the biggest proponents of gaming music... But I can of course appreciate all kinds of music. I'm hoping I can find a place here and help out in any way I can.
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    Christopher M. LaBianca
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    Supervisor, Marketing - Canon USA, Inc.
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  1. Happy Birthday DJP! Thank you for everything!
  2. Can't fault a well-made argument. Thanks for the thought out responses!
  3. True. I'll agree these are all good points and, in retrospect, the technology jump is within a reasonable time frame. I still feel awkward accepting that the world can dismiss the actions of the Fire Nation, which include the genocide of an entire race, and can be forgiven enough to allow for the cooperation needed to build Republic City. Even if the blame was transferred solely to the previous Fire Lords, the people of the Fire Nation were still following them loyally. But, they also did have a lot of resources and technology to offer so maybe it's not all that crazy that they could overlook what happened and for forgiveness to come about so quickly.
  4. I really enjoyed Last Airbender but I have mixed feelings about the new series. From the beginning, we're supposed to accept that within 60-80 years the other nations have forgiven the 100 years of horrible atrocities committed by the Fire Nation... And that by working with them, the world has been catapulted forward technologically and managed to build a city unlike anything seen in the original series. Now, I'm not saying this is an impossibility... but hatred runs deep. In fact, there was an entire episode in the original series focusing on Katara being unable to forgive the man who killed her mother. The characters were OK... It's not fair to compare Korra to Last Airbender when it's only had a single season to work with. I felt that they really nailed the chemistry between the characters in the original. I also really enjoyed that while Last Airbender had a fairly epic story, the series did not take itself all that seriously. Additionally, I wasn't the biggest fan of Pro Bending.
  5. Incoherent speech must give major points if you're applying to the League of Shadows. I have to say that Batman's response to being walked out on by Catwoman was priceless.
  6. Unfortunately, Ys appeals to niche audience and is probably not going to be most Steam users' first choice. It's a bit frustrating... At least it was a Flash sale earlier on. Speaking of Flash sales, Trine 2 just made a third appearance after being a Daily Deal and Community Choice. I'd definitely give a glowing recommendation for this title. It's fun, lighthearted, has some great visuals and a great soundtrack. Plus, it has multiplayer which its predecessor lacked.
  7. I was thinking of the rearrangement. But, as I mentioned, he's certainly not for everyone and I do think his work suffers from the sheer volume he does which was mentioned in an earlier post.
  8. I definitely agree that Sakuraba's work is not for everyone. A lot of his compositions seem to lack identity and can literally be interchanged with any of the other games he's worked on. This is especially the case for titles from the Tales series, Eternal Sonata and Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria. However, I still consider him an excellent composer and fondly think back to the soundtracks from Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile. I especially liked his take of Chopan's 'Revolutionary Etude' in Eternal Sonata.
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