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  1. Hrm . . . after downloading both this song and the Blood Tears song, I can definetly see where those guitar riffs were taken from . . . but it doesn't make the song any less better than it already is. It really adds to it, and well, seeing that this is a remix . . . I think there's nothing wrong in adding a bit of something totally new, if credit is given to it. That being said, I really like this mix . . . I can see it being played in the game, and well, I wish it really was, hehe. It's got a real diabloy feel to it, and is just a good tune. Besides . . . I can't say much. The one remix I've made so far (in MIDI format, unfortunately) is a remix of a Xenosaga song and the Halloween movie theme. Hey, it worked for me.
  2. Well, for me, all ffmusic dj's stuff just has a real definitive feel to me . . . Ever since I've first heard his work it's really grown on me. He does a great job with making a great trance tune, but he makes it so much more than that by the way he adds in the melody, and adds in the different shades to it, and just everything. Nothing's overwhelming, everything's got its place, and sees the spotlight. It's hard to explain. Anyways. Another great song of his, if you ask me. The intro struck me as a little odd when I first heard it, but it kinda grew on me, and I don't mind it now. The rest of the song is just really awesome.
  3. *waves* People I know! I can post my first post now! lol . . . uh, hi people. I was pleasently surprised to see your name when I was downloading the latest mixes tonight. hehe. Anyways, nice mix, ABG. It's got some great sounds to it, and great effects. I think it could have been a bit longer, but other than that, sounds great to me.
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