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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of power chords, but when they drop out after the intro, it starts to sound like something is missing. Just my two cents.
  2. Youtube: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/darianharman/mega-man-ii-metal-man-theme-guitar-cover
  3. You can either watch the music video/playthrough on youtube, or just listen to it on soundcloud. This was my first time attempting something of this level of technicality, and also my first time ever editing video. Critiques and opinions are welcome---my skin's pretty thick. Anyway, here are the links: https://soundcloud.com/darianharman/mega-man-3-wily-stage-boss-guitar-cover
  4. I don't have proper studio monitors, so please let me know if this is too bass-y. I'm trying to strike some semblance of tonal balance with the setup that I currently have, because I have no money to spend on equipment right now. As it stands, I have to wrap my computer in a blanket every morning just to make it boot (yes, I have disassembled the machine and re-applied the thermal paste to no avail). It is what it is...
  5. Regarding the ending, it was supposed to just be a fade-out, but when I went back and made some changes, I forgot to re-enable the automation like an idiot! (Didn't notice until last night. Always proof-listen, kids!). I'll take your advice into consideration, though. It's just that I noticed on some laptop speakers that the higher harmonics of the guitar were really, really cutting through. I did some slight subtractive equalization on said harmonics, but I couldn't really drop them more than 2-3db without taking away some of the "air". I'll listen to it on a few more sets of speakers
  6. I actually store every EQ change in a spare state for A/B comparisons once I get deeper into a mix, but thanks. The objective, here, is to create another mix with some wide-Q boosts 3khz and up, HF exciters etc, export, and A/B both wave files in my DAW.
  7. Hmmm, I'll tinker with the drum bus a little, I guess. The individual pieces of the kit are all quite bright, individually. If you listen closely, you can hear the snap of the kick, snare and toms, but I probably didn't bring the highs up enough in my drum submix which has Maximus powering (see: obliterating!) the drums. I'll mess with it a little more, and see what I can do. Perhaps even an exciter like ThrillseekerXTC or something might do the trick. In fact, I almost put that on the master channel for some subtle, last-minute texturing. Thanks for the input.
  8. I give up on this. I've tried everything I know, but I just don't think it will ever sound the way I want it to. For better or worse, I decided to post it here in case anyone might enjoy it, or perhaps share any critique they might have. Personally, I think it sounds compress-y and whoof-y. I tried everything to get the bass to sit properly in the mix, but it just doesn't. In this version, I used a multi-band compressor to stereo-separate the mids and highs of the bass, whilst keeping the low-end centered. Despite the fact that the center guitar (which is also stereo-widened) doesn't h
  9. I was unable to find a 100%-exact replica of this classic (one without power chord progressions, pinch harmonics and string bending), so I made one. This may not be the final mix, as it is my first time experimenting with multi-band compression via Maximus, and I have quite a bit to learn regarding that tool. https://soundcloud.com/darianharman/contra-stage-1-jungle-guitar-cover
  10. Thanks, man. I did toy around with using some delay as a makeshift reverb for a bit, but I ended up attempting to create a super-crisp guitar tone. I do think the intro harmony needs delay, though---that's one thing that bugs me just a little bit. I think having you point out the dryness will prompt me to go add the final-final-final touches. I think I'm just a little snake-bitten by the brightness of another track I did last week (but never uploaded), so I probably over-corrected and ended up with a sort of lo-fi type sound on this track. As for structurally rearranging video game tr
  11. Two guitars via Guitar Rig 5. Slap-style bass. Programmed drums. Executed entirely in FL Studio 11.
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