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  1. Glad to see the project is coming along. My title suggestion would be “Return Of The Star Guardians”. The way I see it is: Geno is the real Star Guardian but after saving the world the whole team became Star Guardians. Inspired by this fan art.
  2. I’m a super Star Fox 64 fan; when I saw Wolf was one of the secret characters I got super exited but when I saw his final smash I was like “Come on guys seriously…..”.
  3. I was (am) hoping Mewtwo would come back. I think with the whole mega evolution thing the return of Mewtwo in X form would be pretty cool. Worst case scenario the people at Project M can do the same thing they did in Brawl.
  4. Wow, I thought that out of all newcomers he would be the most secretly kept one.
  5. Yes it does my friend; yes it does. There is still hope!!! If Nintendo and Square were in no talking terms in regards to Geno why would Square allow that appearance? Just to play with our feelings. That's simply cruel.
  6. Trust me this has been going on for years; here is one example. “After Sakurai wrote about his arm injury in Famitsu, many can’t afford to add more reason for him to delay the game even further. Geno appeared solely in Square’s Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo and has had a cult following since. Many have been requesting his inclusion in Smash Bros. for years.” Source Link I don’t know how reliable the source is but if you Google Smash Bros + Geno you will find a bunch of things like that. Try images too; you will see some really funny things like this for example:
  7. That’s great!!! I really hope they do. Nintendo is definitely listening and both Nintendo and Square Enix know people want this since the first Smash Bros. People even kind of forced Geno into Brawl (refer to image). I don’t know how they made it happen; the only mod I’ve used is “Project M”.
  8. My dream reveal video: Mario and Bowser are fighting; as usual Peach is close by. Bowser lands a cheap hit and is ready to deliver the final blow. Out of nowhere a beam of light appears. Bowser easily dodges the beam (clearly the beam was meant to stunt him not hit him). Bowser recognizes the beam; he has seen it many times before. Could it be!?!? Geno, The Star Guardian RETURNS!!!! Suddenly it starts to rain; the group notices something falling from the sky. Prince Mallow (The Cry Baby) Comes floating down? Mallow dries his tears of joy after reuniting with the frie
  9. I guess; Melee had the trophy collection which was pretty cool and less direct. My observation is directed as to why they are revealing so many of the new characters. I’m loving the videos; they have all been very original.
  10. The feeling is mutual; look at that awesome move!
  11. I really hope they have a nice set of still secret unlockable characters. They are kind of killing half of the excitement of suddenly getting one of this (refer to image). The moment I read this “Want to know more about Lucina? Visit the official website for Fire Emblem Awakening!” on Lucina’s character page I got a feeling that revealing the characters was kind of a marketing move.
  12. I would love to see Golden Sun characters too. Golden Sun has so much potential in Smash Bros. Also Geno from Mario RPG but that’s kind of been a dream since the first Smash Bros.
  13. I’m glad you liked the addition. The first time I saw the video I was amazed at how accurate and well it was thought out. The Geno vs Exor rap battle is my favorite part.
  14. Update: I added “Rawest Forest” by Martin Hagwel as track #16 to the playlist. The idea behind adding it is creating sort of like a funny bonus track at the end. The lyrics were very well thought out and in my opinion the video was well made and is really funny. If this was a remix album and I could give it a name I would call it “Super Mario RPG: A Blast From The Past” inspired by this fan art by “TopazMutiny”.
  15. Nice, thanks to that I found out about the album. “Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!” is very well made. It brought back a lot of memories.
  16. You are my hero!!!! Thank you for this initiative; I am really looking forward to its release on 2014. Yea, there is just something (or everything) about that game that I believe only the people that played it know or feel. For example the intro video was so well made it just captures you. The way each main character is presented; Mario looking at Bowser’s Keep and Exor; Geno saving Mario (EPIC); Bowser crying!?!?!?!?.
  17. I like “Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!” a lot. It has some really funny tracks like “Piracy” and “Rekoopa Kickback”. I had the same confusion because it appears on OCR's “Album List” but it does not has a “OCRA” number. I wish somebody made a trailer for “Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!” like what they did for “Mega Man X: Maverick Rising”. I think there is no official one; that would give the album more exposure.
  18. Wishes do come true!!! Thank you for the link; I will definitely be looking forward to this on 2014.
  19. Greetings to all,

    For the moment I will introduce myself as Zanquino. Nice to meet you all. I’ve visited and enjoyed the OCR remixes since around the time “Summoning of Spirits” album project was released so that would be late 2008 early 2009.

    I have zero experience remixing or playing any kind of instrument so what is my skill? I would have to say organizing stuff (I’m not a control freak lol). I love to take disorder and find ways to organize them in the most effective way. How can this be used to contribute to such an amazing community. Only time will tell.

    Favorite game of all time - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  20. Greetings, This is a playlist project filled with Super Mario RPG mixes submitted on OC ReMix with the goal of reliving the story from start to finish thru this amazing mixes. Let this be a tribute to celebrate what to this day I consider the best game I’ve ever played and a very very very nice memory of my childhood (I dream of the day I see Geno’s SSB Challenger Approaching silhouette). - The Playlist Waltz of the Forest / remixed by Final Boss, Psyguy, Kirbopher, ShadyVox* Big Bad Koopa Dubstep / remixed by Teaganbear Mushroom Way Madness / remixed by Orkybash Last Night a D
  21. Greetings to all, It has been a while but I’m back with news. Announcement: Soon I will be making public my third playlist project featuring…. With mixes like “Genos Woods”, “Bukkis Tango” and “Three Mushroom Dances”. Coming Soon! (Fan art by “MeganImel” at http://meganimel.deviantart.com)
  22. Greetings, For the benefit of those that subscribed to this thread. Announcement: My “Final Fantasy VIII - OC ReMix Mixes Playlist” is already public, link. Just a little something to listen to while we wait for “Balance & Ruin”.
  23. Thank you very much, appreciated. Your Feedback and Comments makes me think Mission Accomplished! I really hope you enjoy it and maybe even turn it into an album. If this was a remix album and I could give it a name I would call it “Fantasy, The 08th: Lion Heart”. “Zanquino Elementary School”, I see what you did there . I like it, definitely not a bad idea.
  24. Greetings, This is a playlist project filled with Final Fantasy VIII mixes, submitted on OC ReMix, with the goal of reliving the story from start to finish thru this amazing mixes. If this was a remix album and I could give it a name I would call it "Fantasy, The 08th: Lion Heart”. Let this be a tribute to celebrate 12 years of Final Fantasy VIII mixes and the new ones to come. - The Playlist Eyes on Me (Not Faye Wong) / remixed by FFmusic Dj, Rydia of Mist Breezy Beats / remixed by Orkybash Fishermans Revelation / remixed by Bladiator, Tepid Final Jungle Fantasy / remixed by
  25. Greetings to all, It has been a while but I’m back with news. Announcement: Soon I will be making public my second playlist project and the game is…. Featuring mixes like 'Breezy Beats', 'SeeD Mission', 'SeeK' and 'Shine Tonight'. Coming Soon! (Hopefully before the end of tax season, promise)
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