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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Linkandzelda and I do Video Game Guitar Covers. Recently, or rather about 2 years ago, I began working on an album of 23 of my favourite covers. Since then I'm on the 3rd revision where I've recently upgraded my hardware and software for the 3rd time since I began recording. Out of the 23 tracks I planned I've done 22 of them, and because this is 1 song per thread I've picked what I deem to be the best one out of the lot. All of my mixes share the same characteristics as the other and I use the same techniques to make them all, so any feedback I can apply to the other songs where due. The track I chose, track 2 I think is very good, but it has some flaws that I'm unaware of. I compare it to other peoples songs and covers and it makes mine sound poor. I listen to other professional tracks and I get the same feeling, so the song is still deemed a WIP, as are all of the other songs. I'm hoping that once you guys listen to this you'll give me some constructive and helpful feedback about the mix and what I should do to improve it. One of my problems is, I don't know how to mix and master properly as I only just recently began doing it. People tell me "that's a boxy mix" or "it's a bit muddy" and other comments that I don't understand and/or do not know what to do to fix them. This is why I was also hoping that I'll receive some sort of help with mixing or something too, so I'm looking forward to what people think of the mix. Enough blabbering, here is the mix on Soundcloud. http://soundcloud.com/linkandzelda/hall-of-fame
  2. This is one of my favourite songs so I had to check this out. It's fantastic, very easy to listen to for long periods of time as well. Good job!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Linkandzelda and I decided to join this forum. I'm not that good at introduction posts so, I guess I'll start with what kinds of things I do and why I joined. In my spare time I enjoy ROM Hacking and creating various different Pokémon games. I currently have 5 projects in the works and they are as follows: Liquid Crystal, Emerald Dreams, Metallic Fusion, Yellow Advance and Platinum Origins. If you guys like, you can google those for more information since I don't want to overstay my welcome by making a post full of links lol. As well as that, I also have websites I run. I have a Pokémon forum, a news site and a web hosting business. Either way, just other things I like to do in my spare time. If you wanna check them out, my homepage tells everything. Now why I decided to join here at OCRemix, is because I also enjoy making music, specifically Video Game Guitar Covers. I started over 2 years ago with recording for an album I named First Step Back. Since then I've done 22/23 of the tracks I planned to make and have learnt a whole lot about equipment and home studio recording. I'm mainly here because I would like to get some feedback from some real professionals around the site as to what's good, bad and needs work. I've already spoke to a few guys on the IRC and they say the music is good but needs some work. I know my stuff needs work but I've reached my limits of what I can do without learning new stuff and delving into new topics like Mixing and Mastering. I mostly use Garageband to record my tracks and then use Logic Pro to spice them up a bit. Well, that's it for me and why I'm here. I hope to see everyone around as I get to know the place better! ~Link
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