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  1. Shit, I randomly ended up high fiving djpretzel when I traveled half way across the country to go to last years PAX Prime, so a 3 hour drive from Duluth is a walk in the fucking park compared to that! Count me in
  2. From one newcomer to the next; I definitely tip my hat to you sir. A lot of debut stuff i've heard on OCR loses my interest and I use it as an exercise to what could be improved on, but while not perfect; it's clearly a labor of love with all that amazing synths you threw in there kept me hooked the whole time. I've lurked in the shadows for quite a while on OCR; I think because of the quality of your debut; you just gave me the confidence I needed to finally start a track of my own. Thank You
  3. Never been too huge into FFXIII mainly because of the battle system, but I definitely enjoyed your heavy synth take on that theme. Enjoyable all the way through.
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