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  1. Here is the final state of the remix so far, ready fir Mod Review:https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix-6-final Source Tune:
  2. That is something I haven't considered as much as I should but I have a way of interpreting things either to close to the original or too far away from the original source. But, I have added more elements to the remix to make it resemble frantic factory more, but I still have a bit of work to do.
  3. Alright, good suggestions still flowing in from you. This song is about as long as it'll get, so I will mark it as finished and put it up for mod review soon like you suggested! Finished(but not done tweaking): https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix-5
  4. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix-4 I'm thinking I might send it off to the old submissions soon,this remix is starting to take shape a lot faster than I anticipated (which isn't bad). And thanks again to all the folks who kindly helped me shape this remix to a better form!
  5. Cool, I've been working on some of those things and the remix is coming along quite well thanks to you're guys' comments! I will post an update tomorrow but for now I must sleep!
  6. WOW, so many people with great comments! I tried my best to apply what was said to my remix. Thanks again: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix-3
  7. Great to see you comment on another one of my remixes:) I have been refining the mix a bit recently and tweaked a few things, such as: made the bass at the end clearer Changed beginning tom to a bass drum added more to 44 seconds in General mastering and EQing I will post the link once I've uploaded the next edit to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix-2
  8. As I was attempting to learn this song on marimba I got the strange idea to take a big spin on the original song. This is my remix thus far: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/frantic-factory-remix Original Arrangement:
  9. Decisions were made by me to, "spice" up my remix a bit. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/majoras-mask-new-wave-bossa-1 Hope you enjoy my incomplete remix!
  10. Spent 3 hours straight making this "finished" product for all of you to listen to. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/majoras-mask-new-wave-bossa Hope you enjoy it, and all criticism is taken! here's the original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YGGAWgKxFg
  11. Made some tweaks as I and others saw fit. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/luigis-mansion-remix-tweak-1
  12. It was intended for a comedic effect, also to replicate how the mood can change so quickly in the game. And one (one of many) drum pattern had a few accidental notes and a phaser stuck in the mix. Sooooooo, that could have been the preoblem because I definately noticed it, too. But thank you for critiquing my work!
  13. Felt Nostalgic, played Luigi's Mansion again...Got experimental and had a little fun... https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/luigis-mansion-remix
  14. Pretty big update now. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/dot-hack-infection-field-1
  15. A little update as I have tweaked things. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/dot-hack-infection-field-1
  16. I'm wondering what kind of processing went into making the instruments sound like they were being played in a hall. The flow stayed consistent throughout and the percussion section went along with the winds very well. This arrangement tells the original soundtracks in a whole new way. the woodwind runs sounded great and at the apex of the piece I felt truly amazed. And the resolve really tied up the whole piece. I don't really have many big complaints with the track as I tend not to be too critical. Thank you for this wonderful arrangement.
  17. It has been an interesting day to recreate one of my favorite childhood game songs as a hardcore techno/drum and bass remix. Original: My remix: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/dot-hack-infection-field It may be a bit choppy, But... Hope you enjoy!
  18. Changed some stuff, might sound a bit better. https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/super-mario-64-flight-cap
  19. Here's the original: And my remix:https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/mario-star-power-remix Had a lot of fun making this!
  20. Alright, thank you all for the great advice! Only need to edit a bit more and wait 2 weeks to submit! Edited from comments below- https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/kakariko-village-remix-1
  21. Sweet, thank you! I had a little trouble getting harmless to cooperate with the bass but I thnk I got it okay, and I did realize that sidechaining was a bit horrid at times, tried my best for an edit: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/legend-of-zelda-twilight
  22. Took a little over a week, a House-ish remix of the kakariko theme in twilight princess! Listen and Download: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/kakariko-village-remix
  23. Is this live players? It sounds pretty good except for some instruments overpowering others.
  24. Been working on this remix for a couple of days. Edit, finished version: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/twilight-princess-kakariko
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